Thursday, November 29, 2012

PJs, Cards, and TRU

I have no cool naming convention for this one... It's just a hodgepodge of the day.

Today was pajama day at school.  Miss M (very groovy lady that she is!) gave the kids hot cocoa with marshmallows and sugar cookies for snack, with a candy cane they got to bring home, and everyone (teachers included) wore their jammies! My kids are a bit ritualistic and know that their PJs are for night, so I figured it was a nice time to add a new pair to their wardrobe, telling them that the inagural wear could be to school for PJ day!  Bobby didn't love this idea (and put on regular pants when he got home, although he kept the shirt on), but both kids traded in their overnight PJs for their brand spanking new ones this morning! 

Normally, I'm not a matching twins type mom, but I couldn't help myself.  When the kids were tiny, they shared a green monkey sleeper.  Some of my favorite pictures are in that sleeper; I still have it.  Truth be told, I'm hoping this new little guy or gal will wear it too!  I went to Kohl's to troll for some cheap pajamas (man- those things are PRICEY! You sleep in them for goodness sakes!  I have sports bras that I use ALL-THE-TIME that cost less than a pair of toddler pajamas!) and, when my eyes saw these, I just knew... I knew I had to have them.  They were Carter's (just like the sleeper), with monkeys, and in red (Bobby's favorite color).  They were grown up style, with the button, collared shirt, and pants.  And they had both kids' sizes!  SCORE!!!  I washed them and had them ready for this morning.  Both seemed pretty jazzed that they matched and, over lunch, when I asked who had the best PJs in class, Maya said "Bobby and Maya- we had the same!"

I usually spend a fair amount of time on Christmas cards.  At one time, I made them by hand and really poured myself into them.  The last few years, we've done photo cards and I spend a few days getting everything together.  I'd started that process this year, but for some reason just didn't feel it. Then, I stumbled across boxes and boxes of cards, that I'd neatly signed "The Haytko Family", in with the Christmas decorations.

I used them.

I know... It seems so awful to not have photos or sweet letters or notes to everyone.  But I send out 175+ cards a year and having these seemed like fate... It saves me some cash, no doubt, but they do seem a bit blah for the season.  So, my apologies.  If you get a generic card and you're wondering if I turned into the grinch, I didnt.  I just didnt want to waste the cards I had (or spend money on new ones when I had these I could be sending).  Doesn't make it right, but I am thinking of everyone.  Really.  I'll put my energy into making a beautiful blog card for Christmas!  Then there will still be pictures and happy love for everyone!

Toys R Us.  How I hate thee...  I dont like big mega stores anyway, but Toys R Us has a special place of unlove in my soul.  I dont even know how it happened.  Maybe it was the whole wanting to be a part of the parent club and not being, and hating being reminded of that everytime I went to BRU or TRU for a gift.  Maybe it was feeling like a fraud when I registered at BRU.  Maybe it's the constant poor service at both TRU and BRU.  I dont know.  Suffice it to say, I'd rather be in a local shop or at a nearby consignment store.  Or, hell, even Craigslist!  But, the kids had received a giftcard, so I decided to go in and pick up a few things for them. 

As I'm shopping (and quickly, since I have to pick the kids up from preschool), I see something that makes my eyes go wide.  It's one of the wooden railway Thomas and Friends pieces.  Now, my kids love Thomas, but I'm not the crazy parent who spends $80 on a toy.  Sorry.  Make one out of cardboard, kids.  But I have the giftcard and I'm looking for something special to suprise them with.  There's this helipad thing with the helicopter and it moves.  Pretty awesome.  Normally, it's $60, but the sign says CLEARANCE!  Could this be?!!?  This box is a little ratty, but that's okay (I mean, they will rip it out of the box in 2 seconds); there isn't another one, so in the midst of parents trying to find the Thomas accessory their kid will love, I look again and see the sign: "CLEARANCE!!! was $59.99, now $34.99" 

On a regular day, I'd balk at $35 for a toy, but like I said, there's a giftcard.  So I take it.  And am feeling pretty good.

I get in the check out line and this is where I should have known to turn back and run from the store.  She is scanning everything (I had gotten Maya a baby doll and some accessories for it as her Christmas gift) and I made sure the doll was on sale, as it was supposed to be.  I'd already laid my giftcard on the register and gotten out my credit card for the little bit of additional I was expecting.  The cashier scans the gift card and tells me to swipe my card.  Only once I've swiped it, do I notice the amount.  It's $44.  "Excuse me, did the Thomas item ring up full price?  It's on clearance." 

She tells me it did but that she cant cancel the transaction and that I'll have to go to customer service.  Mind you, I hadnt pressed the OK button for my credit card and was about to hit the "NOITDAMNWELLISNTOK" button when she reached over and hit it herself

She gives me the receipt and I have to go get in another line to either return the item or have the price adjusted (and probably with a gift card, ugh!).  So I wait... and wait... and finally, it's my turn.  I explain to the clearly tired and unhappy clerk, and she calls for a price check.  And then calls for another one.  And (you guessed it) another one.  Because no one is coming.  Finally, I have to go with the person to show them the item and what does he say?  "Oh, I'm sorry; someone mismarked this.  It shouldn't be this one that is on clearance."

Of course they did.  Of course.

So, when I go back to customer service, where I now have to wait again, I tell the woman that I'd like to return it.  "Why dont you just keep it?  I'm sure your son will like it."

Hey, whether or not my son will like it isn't the point.  The point is I dont pay $60 for a toy.  We cant eat it or wear it, it's not my giving to the Church or charity, and it doesnt keep us warm or with electricity.  So, no.  He will like another toy (that isnt $60).

I could tell she wasnt thrilled about refunding my money.  I could also tell she was debating between refunding the $44 to my credit and giving me the remainder on a TRU giftcard.  I was ready for that, but at this part, I can say I was pleasantly suprised.  She refunded the entire thing to my card so, not only do I not have to worry about going back there ever again but I can find a nice Thomas item somewhere else.  Perhaps our local toy store!

But even with my love of local shopping, I wont be paying $60!


trennia said...

I would have been very upset too! They should have let you had it for the price it was not your fault! I don't care for TRU either...they are over rated and over priced!

Anonymous said...

In Michigan, it's against the law to not give you the price an item is marked. Even it were marked $0.99.... Does PA not have consumer laws like that? That would've made me super mad!

Unknown said...

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