Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today is the first day in several that, although I still feel nauseous all day and want to leave whatever I have eaten (or not) in the nearest waste basket, I have had some energy back.  I had to force myself to run last night (I was just so tired) and the 3 miles felt like 10, but I did it.  I took a minor spill, but no harm, no fail, and made it home in time to sludge through making dinner no worse for wear.  I dozed on the couch before finally being able to pour myself into my nice warm bed (I'm SO cold all the time that poor Peter has to suffer through a sauna topped by a half dozen blankets... I just can't stand it!).  This morning, I woke up at the usual time (and to snow!) but after making breakfast for the kids and sending them off with kisses for school, I actually felt like I could do something.

After putting away three loads of laundry (yeah... I've been a slacker...), I stripped all the beds and washed the linens.  I straightened up the kitchen and living room, and still had a bit of time to make some calls and respond to some emails (my inbox looks pretty awful right now... anything that isn't priority is pretty much just sitting...and sitting... and sitting...)  I even wrote out a list for the errands I need to do tomorrow (because my brain is turning into jelly).

But I have energy! Okay, I'm tired and I want a nap right now, but I had energy this morning!  Which gives me hope that it will come back to me in the coming days (and I wont have to wait until week 13 or 14 for it) and that, fingers crossed, Mr. Tired's friends, Ms. Nausea and Miss Hurl (because, really, who would marry those two!), will be taking their leave as well.


sunflowerchilde said...

Thanks for your comments! I know things will work out for us with preschool in the end - I'm just so nervous about it. Good job keeping up with the running, I have been a major slacker lately, and it doesn't even snow here.

Jo said...

My gosh! Michele, congratulations!!!!!! I missed your last few blog posts! I'm sending you lots of Aussie sticky dust :-) Such good news, you've put a smile on my face :-)

Aisha said...

Michele!!!!! Congrats!!!! So excited for you!!!!!