Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We decided to ring in the 16 months mark with a nasty stomach bug.  Sunday, Maya wasn't quite herself and proceeded to be up all night.  As I snuggled with her (ALL NIGHT), she would put my hand on her belly and cry.  It was heartbreaking.  Come Monday morning, I was not feeling well.  At all.  My stomach started cramping and, by midday, I was in so much pain that I was debating calling my doctor.  I couldn't eat anything and couldn't even hold down water.  If I wasnt cramping, I was puking (or doing other fun things in the bathroom).  Peter's mom saved the day when, at 2:30, she came and took care of the kids so I could go to bed. By the time Peter got home, I was alternating between sleep and cramps so bad that they would wake me.  It didnt help that I was running a fever and freezing, even though the house was 76 degrees!  Peter's mom went home to make dinner then came back, prepared to spend the night.  (Thank God for her; I dont know what we would have done without her last night).

Around 11pm, Bobby was puking.  A LOT.  I think we counted a total of 4 times.  We ended up stripping his bed, changing his PJs, changing P's mom's shirt, and then changing Peter's PJs (twice) and starting 2 loads of laundry between 11 and 1am.  In between, Maya woke up because of the noise and I cuddled her back to sleep, since I was either starting to feel better or my body just took a backseat to taking care of babies.

The three of us alternated taking care of someone and, by 6am, all of us were asleep, with a sweet grandmother holding a sweet granddaughter in the living room recliner, an adorable little boy snuggled up against an (almost :) ) equally adorable daddy, and a soon-to-be-well-ish mommy snuggled up under blankets and lots of pillows.

This morning, the kids seem better and my cramps are more sporadic and going away.  Peter stayed home from work to help take care of the kids in case I take a turn for the worse, and his mom came back to help with naps.

But that sick bug- whatever it was- was pretty nasty!!!


Lisette said...

Oh no, hope that darn bug goes away and stays away. Glad you have help, take care and get spenty of rest.

Reba said...

i posted on your FB, we all have it too, it is terrible!! you are so lucky your MIL lives close and can come help out. poor naomi spent way too much time in front of the tv today as mama and daddy were sharing the one bathroom to be sick in. :( feel better!!

quadmom said...

Yikes!! And I thought we had it bad with Ethan's crazy stomach bug and cold combo. I think I have a touch of the stomach too, but nothing like you guys! You poor things. Hope you get your strength back soon. *hugs*

Sophie said...

Oh honey I totally commiserate. I hate these nasty bugs. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Stace said...

The bug was horrible! I'm glad you're all on the mend.