Monday, January 10, 2011

16 months

Wow... 16 months old.  I cant believe it.  Bobby and Maya are growing up so fast.

Our pediatrician advised us to start weaning them from the bottle at their 15 month appt.  It seems sooo soon. :( And yet, here we are.  That age...  So, we're giving them the bottle less and their straw cups more.  They seem happy either way.  I think the nighttime bottle will be the last to go.

In addition, they are starting to wean themselves from their 2nd nap.  I think the days of 2 naps are numbered.  Seriously.  Instead of am/pm, I think we'll end up with something around 11:30-2ish, and then bedtime around 8.  This will be quite a change... We were napping twice and bedtiming around 9:30ish.  And now...  Wow.  It does, however, give us time for other things, like...

-a weekly playgroup at our local parish, which I havent been able to do because it is 9:30-11:30, which meant it interfered with breakfast and naptime.  Now, with breakfast at 8am and a nap not until 11:30ish, this might become a weekly date!
-a monthly playgroup at our (old local) parish, which was also a 9:30 start time.
-a weekly music class, which is from 10:30-11:15.  I signed the babies up and their first class was the 7th.

Bobby is truly a monkey.  He will climb on the furniture and then try to swing from whatever is handy.  He's also got a deadly kung fu grip.  If that kid doesnt want to let go of something, good luck with getting it from him (or putting him down once he wraps his leg around your upper thigh!)

Maya is my utter sweetness.  That child will walk up to you randomly and plant a big kiss on your cheek as she wraps her arms around you in a hug.  She loves to point to animals and identify them (based on what you say).  She has the most beautiful smile and is more than happy to show you her mouthful of teeth.

Happy 16 month birthday, Bobby and Maya.  You are both such wonderful blessings and I am so thankful every day that I have the pleasure of mothering you.  You are my greatest dreams realized.  I love you so much.

Click here to see pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas


Jenni said...

Awe, they are growing so fast. As for the bottle at night, Jessica did fine swapping to the sippy cup (spill proof) at night and now off of that one. As for the 2 naps, girl, you are so lucky for 2 naps still haha. I wish. Jessica cut that out at 13 months. As for the new nap time and the things that you have set up, girl.... they are going to sleep great after those wonderful play times. I am so happy for you and wish you and yours the best. I am still praying for you all.

Joanna said...

I love your family shot Michele - absolutely gorgeous!!!

Reba said...

happy 16-month birthday, babies! michele, i really love your new blog layout. their new pictures are so precious.

my pediatrician advised us to wean from the bottle at Naomi's 12 and 15 month appts too. (she didn't even ask at the 18 month app, i'm sure she assumed we did it.) Naomi does drink only from her cup during the day, but she still takes her morning bottle--she's not quite ready to give it up, and neither am I to be honest. ;) as long as she takes the bottle, she's still my little baby.

i love hearing about all the things they'll be doing now that they're done to 1 nap a day! what a nice long nap too. naomi went from 2 half-hour naps to 1 one- to 1.5-hour nap around when she was 13 months old. it's still in the morning though, try as we might! 9:30 or 10ish to 10:30 or 11ish. ah well!


Ms. J said...

Our pediatric office advises starting to make the transition to sippy cup/straw cup between 9-12 months. For the life of me, I can not get Peanut to do it. AARRRGGHHH! I have tried many options, and even tried putting something sweet in. OMG last night I tried using a different bottle/nip.ple than she is used to (because her faves are starting to leak) and holy heck you'd have thought I was torturing her. I even tried making sure she was really hungry, nope!

Right now she will try to steal her Big Sis's sippy cup, but she uses it to gnaw on and cut that first tooth, not to actually drink from it. HELP!

How is it possible you have 16-month olds?! I remember you being in the hospital on bedrest, sheesh!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hard to believe that time is going by so quickly. I love the pictures, you all look wonderful.

Fran said...

Your family is stunning!!! Well done children they are so grown up now, I vividly remember their first pics!

Oh, I have already a person in mind for the travelling Buddha, I lve what we have started, may it bring joy to many other couples!

Paula said...

Happy 16 month birthday, Maya and Bobby!! We didn't wean Jess until a little after 2 years due to her nutrition issues and delayed oral motor skills. She transitioned well during the day but oh, she hated giving up that nighttime bottle. I can't believe how much Maya and Bobby have grown since we saw them this summer!

Kakunaa said...

Happy Birthday, babies!!!

Barb said...

Yay! And nice background!

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

You have full-on toddlers, and they're DELIGHTFUL!

Sending love to you! Also - I love the new blog look!

Terri Jones said...

They are growing so fast. They are adorable. Whoever said that taking candy from a baby was easy, never actually took candy from a baby. They have steel grips. If they dont care if they have the bottle or the cup then you should go on & change. If they become attached it can be a struggle to get them to change.
WC started refusing his bottle at 10 months- he wanted the cup!