Friday, January 21, 2011

Plateau (LOMIM)

(originally posted here)

I think I'm here... The dreaded "P" word... Plateau...  No, not a flat land mass somewhere (unless my ass qualifies as its on landmass... so, maybe...)  It's sounds so nice, so... French.  It's as nice as a greasy french fry though, when it hits me in the gut- literally. 

The last few months have been hard work, but, relatively speaking, they've followed a plan: exercise 3x/wk + 1700 calories a day = losing 2-3 lbs/wk.  Apparently, once I hit the 200 lbs mark (and dropped 40lbs- that's like Bobby and Maya- together!), my body decided that the "old" way wasn't worthwhile anymore!  Damn- I'd just gotten into the swing of this one!

So, it looks like I'm going to have to make a change.  I'm not excited about it...  I've struggled to get my eating and portions under control, but I think I can point to a couple of things I can improve with.

Mindless Snacking: You'd think that, at 1700 calories a day, there wouldnt be too much mindless snacking but I still find a way!  I think it's because I think I have the calories that I'll use them even when I dont need to.  For example, I was full last night after dinner, but I wanted something sweet so, instead of eating 1 M&M (which, funny enough, helps!) (11c), I had a frozen fruit bar (60c), then before bed, even though I wasnt hungry but "had" some extra calories for the day, I had a 100c choc-mint bar.  Did I need it?  No.  Was I hungry?  No.  I just wanted the taste and felt like I could have it.  But mindless snacking is something I've been striving to get as far away from as possible.  So, it's time to start asking the hard question- ARE YOU HUNGRY???- a little louder!

Portions (yes, still): Sometimes I find that I make my meals larger because I feel like I have the leeway, since I "have" the calories.  Breakfast is a good example of this.  I'm full on a bowl of 29g of whole grain cheerios (110c) with 1/3c almond milk (20c).  But, because I know I "can" get away with more calories, I'll toss in some yogurt (45-50c), fruit & yogurt bites (80C), and juice (50c).  Now, 320 calories is NOT a big breakfast count.  And, when I make a "big" breakfast, like pancakes or waffles, I'm closer to 400 calories! But, even though I'm not hungry for the yogurt and fruit and juice, I'll still have them.  I'll feel more stuffed than satiated and, I still eat lunch between noon and 2pm (a lot depends on when the kids go down for their nap and when I get hungry).  So, I think what I need to go back to is stopping with the thought of eat more and eat fewer meals, and get back in the hang of smaller meals and snack (mindfully!) more.  Today, I ate cereal for breakfast at 8:30, and, my guestimate is that I'll have a 100c snack around 11-11:30 or so.  We'll see if I'm right!!!

I already exercise 3x/wk, but perhaps I need to increase it to 4x/wk (which was my ultimate goal and one I actually meet on a regular basis) but make sure that one of those workouts is, indeed, a workout and not more cardio (like running or biking).  I've been debating taking a kickboxing class.  The gym that I used to go to (it's still part of my membership, but it's in my old town) has two offerings:  Tuesday at 9:30am, which, due to having the kids with me, I can't do (we dont do the whole gym daycare thing at this point) or Wednesday at 6:30pm, which wont work because we go to my in-laws for dinner on Wednesdays after my day of cleaning, which is a nice break.  So, not sure if, right now, taking a KB class will work for me.  But, it was an idea!  We'll see...  I actually dont mind doing the Fit TV exercise classes that are On Demand, so maybe I'll work on fitting some of those into my week (at least once/week) until group class schedules and my schedule better work out!

I'm trying not to be thrown off by a few days, but it's hard.  I know that a game plan will help me feel more in control, so that's what I'm going to try.

1) Stop the mindless snacking
2) Keep an eye on portions and hungry=satiated, not stuffed
3) Exercise 4x/wk, where at least 1 is a strength training workout (not 4 cardio's)
4) New calorie goal: 1600/day (instead of 1700/day)

We'll see if I can turn this week around and make it a weight LOST week instead of a gained or stayed-the-same week!


one-hit_wonder said...

I think that being mindful is so important to weight loss. That's what I'm noticing with myself, too.

I try to visualize myself stepping on the scale again and losing another pound - that's such motivation for me - and often, that way, I can prevent 'extras' from entering my mouth.

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!!! This is my mantra!

sunflowerchilde said...

I've taken both kick-boxing and regular boxing, and I found them both to be very fun and VERY hard! By which I mean, they gave me a great workout. I agree that just plain running or biking is not enough. Boxing combined cardio with strength, which made it a lot more fun. I also like spinning classes, which help me to push a lot harder than I might otherwise cycling on my own.

You've got a great attitude, I'm sure you'll get past the plateau!