Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Fashion to Figure

I was contacted earlier in the month by Fashion to Figure, a clothing company for full-figured women.  Although I'm not fashionista, I'm also not one to turn down cute clothes either!  They were gracious enough to invite me to review one of their products, and sent out a Lined Dolman Sweater.

From the picture and information, I was thinking that this wasnt something I'd normally wear, but I'm game for new things, and I waited anxiously for it to arrive.  After they confirmed the order, it arrived within a few days (I was actually surprised by the speed of shipping, considering they were giving it to me for free).  I opened it and it looked very much like the picture you see.  The outer fabric was very breezy and the undershirt was a form fitting tank.  The bottom of the shirt had elastic, which gave me pause, because, in my head, I could see it riding up and me constantly tugging it down.  The label said handwash only (which, let's be honest, with infants in house AINT GONNA HAPPEN) so, I tossed that bad boy in with my delicates on the gentle cycle and decided to see what happened!  I inspected it post wash and it looked great- no issues.  I hung it by the hang staps to dry.  The next morning (I washed it around 9pm), it was still damp, so, even though it should be laid flat to dry, I tossed it in the dryer on the low heat setting and, 15 minutes later, it was perfect.  And, still, no issues with the fabric. Score 1 for the shirt!   I put it on and was pleasantly surprised.  It didnt ride up and stayed where I put it- even when I was moving furniture!  I spent the entire day visiting with my dad, moving furniture from my house, and later that evening, had a girls night- and the shirt looked great the entire time!  The only negative I found was that, since I am curvy and have an hour glass figure, the shirt hid that.  But, the flip side is that it hid my tummy- which is never a bad thing.  It was comfortable and, even though you wouldnt think it, the fabric was very breathable.  It dressed up a pair of jeans when I needed it to, but it was comfortable enough to be a workhorse.  It didnt snag when I played with babies on the floor or lugged a china cabinet from my dining room to the POD in my backyard.  Overall, I was extremely pleased and it's already washed (and hang drying) for my next adventure!  Highly recommended!

(Please note: this item was received free of charge, a $22 value, along with free shipping, a $9.50 value, in exchange for a review on my blog.)


Anonymous said...

I love it!! It looks very nice on you!

Fran said...

You look great my friend!!