Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Enjoying Myself...

Sunday was a beautiful day here.  There was a cool breeze and it was the perfect day to be outside.  The kids and I went for a three mile walk, then came home and I put their playpens in the backyard.  They had a blast (and Bobby loved being able to watch the cars go by!)

Last Thursday, we had Maya's appointment with Dr Garg, her retinologist.  It was another great visit; her eyes are fine.  Retinas are flat and attached, and he saw no scar tissue.  We are now officially yearly patients! Both Bobby and Maya will have their annual ophthalmology appointment in March, but otherwise, things are well on the vision front!  We have their yearly developmental clinic appointment on the 14th, along with their 12 month check up (and then a vaccine-only appointment a week later), so, all-in-all, September is a crazy busy month and, I think, will continue to be for years to come!  Plus, it's when Peter and I have dental appointments!

We were at BJs over the weekend and found these great little portable boosters.  They were $20, so we bought two, since we thought we could use them when we go out (because I'm not always a huge fan of the high chairs we encounter) or when we visit.  Well... We LOVE them!!  They work so well, and we've used them at restaurants and at home!  They are actually at our kitchen table right now!  The kids have had their breakfast there this week and, besides being much easier than strapping them into their high chairs (which are in our dining room... On the other side of the house...), they are quick to wipe down and dont require an additional table (since they use the table we are all sitting at).  They worked great when we had milkshakes and then took them to a supermarket restaurant where we had to sit on tall bar stools.  My MIL was so impressed that she went and bought the last 2 they had for her house!  Which will be great because we always have to take their BebePods when they watch the kids, so she can feed them easily.  But, if you like to eat and want to take your kids with you, I highly recommend the boosters.  They are lifesavers!

Peter got me a gift. :)  Now, I love gifts, but I really love thoughtful ones.  I have a minor bag addiction that I dont usually fulfill because, let's face it, it's not like I need a bag anymore than I need a new pair of shoes (I dont... Really...)  But, for a few years, I've had my eye on this handbag (in black) and the matching wallet.  Obviously, I wasnt going to pay for something that nuts- especially when I think of just how many B & M clothes or snacks, etc, it would buy.  Well... We have a CK Outlet near us (and the prices are, surprisingly, comparable to Target if you wait and use the coupons that they text or email you), which is where Peter gets his clothes.  And, yesterday, instead of just picking up some pants and a shirt, I ended up walking around with a new handbag and wallet! :)   The bag is big enough that I can carry some emergency baby items in the middle section and it doesnt even bulge!  (Or impede me loading the rest of my life in the bag!).  The best part...  It was dirt cheap!  Like, again, Target (my favorite mainstream store) inexpensive!  I know it's kind of nuts, but every time I look at the handbag, I get this stupid koolaid smile.  (On a funny note, what do the folks that CK designs for keep in their wallets?  Because, as cute as it is, I had to trim down my already trimmed down wallet...  I mean, really???  I would have thought those people carried way more plastic than I do!! But it's cute!)

Well... Time to get naptime on the road!  I hear tired babies in my midsts!


trennia said...

They are growing so fast!
You are such a sweet person,I love seeing those beautiful babies thanks for sharing their pictures!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being yearly patients and on your new items! :D

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those seats look awesome. Every woman needs a new purse & wallet!
Can't have enough of them. It is very nice. So happy to hear about Maya's eyes. The two of them are just too cute!