Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Quads Are Here!!!

Please continue to pray, as these sweet 28 weekers begin their NICU journey!  You can check Sonja's blog for updates.  Here is her post today:

We're overjoyed to announce the arrival of our 4 children, 05/11/10:

Baby A
Sophie Therese
12:28 AM
1 lb 11.5 oz

Baby B
Ethan Nicholas
12:29 AM
2 lbs 5.9 oz

Baby C (identical twin)
Liam Thomas
12:30 AM
2 lbs 5.7 oz

Baby D (identical twin)
Jude Ambrose
12:31 AM
2 lbs 8.6 oz

The babies are in the NICU. They were delivered by emergency C-section when Sonja began to bleed rather heavily and spontaneously after an otherwise uneventful day. I'm sure she will provide more details in an upcoming post. Sonja is resting comfortably right now, getting some much deserved rest.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers along the way.


niobe said...

Sending thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

sending prayers her way...

trennia said...

Yeah I just read her blog!

Lisette said...

Praying for them. I will stop by her blog.