Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Giveaway!

While the last few years have seen very few (if any, until recently) giveaways, I have been asked by CSN Stores to host a $60 gift certificate giveaway!  And I am happy to help one lucky winner get some spending "money" to update their home.  Perhaps you are in need of a pair of sectional sofas for your living room remodel, or you'd like some new kitchen cookware or maybe updated bathroom lighting.

Or, happy of happies, perhaps you are designing a nursery!

Whatever the case may be, leave a comment (or two or three or as many as you want!) to enter.

Here are the rules...

  • Leave a haiku or limerick about a room of your house that you are thinking of updating.  (for example...  My bathroom is bland/It needs some serious help/Like a nice gift card)  It doesnt need to be good, and the funnier the better. (Only one limerick or haiku per comment, but you can leave as many comments as you'd like.)
  • Leave a comment between Monday, May 17th, and Friday, May 21st.  I'll go through and pick the three funniest, and then readers can help choose a winner with their votes!  (Voting will end May 25th and a winner will be chosen!)
It's that easy!!!  So... think about what you'd like to do if you win... And then leave as many poems for our reading pleasure as you'd like!!

(In full disclosure, I have received NO goods or any sort of monetary gift for hosting this giveaway.  CSN simply contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to host a gift certificate giveaway for my blog readers, and I agreed.  I receive no commission of any sort for your participation in the giveaway.)


Wehaf said...

my dining room walls
are orangey pink and blue
who painted them so?

urchiken at gmail dot com

trennia said...

let's see
new puppy= chewed coffee table!
Yep, that's what I
Since she chewed at it once ya, know just to ruin it, now she don't bother it

Lisa said...

Will turns three years old
Needs a change in his bedroom
A gift card would help

Lisa said...

Lisa's basement needs
Organization pretty please
I'm down on my knees

Lisa said...

Lisa's bedroom needs
Lots of new bedding for me
Potty training oh my!

Lisa said...

William is in need
Of a chair to suit his size
Not covered in cheese

Debby@Just Breathe said...

My restroom is bare~It need CSN there~To give it some flare!

Anonymous said...

Don't want to be greedy
since I've won here before
but what my foyer needs
is a nice rug on the floor!

Lindsay said...

my futon is lumpy
a sofa would be a
soft place for my tushy!

Holly said...

Building on to house
Things are sure to be messy
Need new furniture

Pat said...

I need some shelves and a bin for toys
There's now 4 girls and 2 little boys
Being Grandma just melts my heart,
but my den is torn apart!
A small price to pay for all the joys.

Kandi Ann said...

I need a start,
my new room is torn apart.
I sleep in a room
that is not mine
with 5 cats walking across my face in the middle of the night,
who seem to think that is divine.
They seek out My Mother who is on the other side, why not wake her instead of me. Please help me win the gift card by finding this funny.

Kandi Ann said...

Hi Michele,
So, honestly, my situation isn't funny except the cats walk all THE WAY AROUND the king size bed I have shared with my Mom for almost a mos now to Jump up on my side and walk over MY FACE to sleep by her.

I was in bed sick all day and her bed sure is comfy, but I need my potty chair near me and there isn't room in her bedroom for it so I have to wake fully five or more (Sometimes a few less) times a night to go pee since I have "issues" and the room I am getting is the room my Father took his life in and I haven't a clue how I will sleep in there. I do hope to be able to really over haul it and girlify it and you know, caulk that darn hole in the ceiling where the bullet went. But there isn't money to get it done so for now, back at home at 40 (glad for a chance to have a relationship with my Mom as I was emancipated at 14) and sleeping with Mom. Thank God she let me come home.

I know I haven't been by much here. The roof caved in back in KS. We actually made the Paper, My daughter fled out of state because being homeless (it was deemed unlivable) means you lose your kids and as soon as the article came out the SRS actively looked for her. So yeah, Please Pray for me and find my cat walking over my face funny enough voters. Thanks. xoxo, Kandi Ann

Krissie said...

My home gym needs some spring
A new Giddyup Core Exerciser -- Yeeha!
sounds like just the thing

AllMyCrazyCats @