Saturday, May 29, 2010

Halfway There!

So, we hit our goal (plus one exit) and stopped in Salem, VA for the night.  The kids did a great job.  We ended up leaving around 10:20 (they ate at 9:30), stopped at 1:30 for a feeding (and lunch!) , 4:30 for a feeding and gas, then 7:30 for the night, where they had solids, bottles, and played.  They slept for 90% of the drive, and played the other 10%.

All that being said, as much as I hate flying, the idea of renting a car and carseats, and shipping everything down (did I mention I should get a gold star for packing so much stuff in the space I had?), flying and the 2 hour trip...  I can see the appeal!

And, let me shout out my love for Peter.  Even though we were just going to stay in a hotel wherever we stopped for a night with no reservations, etc, he picked the one with a fitness center so I could get in a run this morning!  How thoughtful!!!

Well, I'm runned, showered, and in the process of babyeating before I get them dressed and we grab some breakfast (the hotel feeds us too!  Woo Hoo!), then we are on the road again for the second half of our journey!  I cant wait to see my mom!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! So glad the 1st half went great! Here's to the 2nd half going even better!! The weather between where you are and nashville is 30% chance of thunderstorms all day, so just be careful! Travelling mercies & blessings to y'all! Can't wait to meet you for the blogger's lunch next Sunday!

Fran said...

Safe journey petal!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It sounds perfect. I love traveling by car. We did many trips with our children only we would leave often at night but that was when we would try to drive straight through! I think it was a smart move on your part.
Enjoy each moment!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad it went well! I cant wait to hear how the visit goes!!