Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad Habits

Well... I think Bobby and Maya are more like me than I care to admit sometimes.  From what I hear, it is common for babies (and older kids or, maybe, um, even adults, um, like me...) to pitch their heads forward when they fall asleep in the car.  Maya tends to slump to one side or lean her head straight out.  Bobby, and I still havent figured out how he manages this strapped snuggly in his carseat, will lay his head on his thigh!  I have tried everything.  Every kind of neck/body pillow thingamajig sold for babies.  Nothing works.  I dont even want to think about the amount I've spent on these worthless things.  I've bought "award winners" and "I-love-these" items and still... Nothing.  The only sort of workable one was a pair of carseat "wings".  They werent perfect, but at least they were okay.  But the kids hated them and would scream and cry.  Maya eventually learned how to unhook the velcro, and they would throw them if they could get them off.

But, with a 12+ hour trip on the horizon, we decided we had to try something, so back to the drawing board.  I tried everything I hadnt before, to no avail, and finally bought two pair of wings (the others were really gross, so I tossed them).  I put them on before we left BabiesRUs.  Maya whined as she tried to figure out how to unhook them, but I must have velcroed them well because she couldnt and eventually made some unhappy noises and dozed off.  Bobby actually moved them!  He pushed them down the straps, moved the carseat fastener, and turned one into a pillow so he could- no kidding- sleep on his thigh!

I give up!!!


Heather said...

All I have to say is lol! At least you tried, right?

Anonymous said...

AJ's carseat (infant and the one he has now) had a reclining feature. So on our long trips, when he started getting sleepy, I would recline it back as far as it would go and it worked-he'd still be snug as a bug, but in a better sleeping position. We had a graco travel system infant carseat and the one he's in now is the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat.

Catherine W said...

Oh little Bobby. That is too sweet. J is the same although she didn't get it from me. I pitch backwards with my mouth open! Very elegant!

Barb said...