Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching My Breath...

It has probably been a good 2-3 weeks since I've had a free moment to sit and both read and write entries.  My apologies...  I feel like I havent chatted with good friends!  Because I'm so far behind, I'll be playing catch up as I read the new posts in my reader.  Otherwise, I'll be here for another month just playing catch up!  Hopefully, once a tooth or two comes in (and perhaps the babies decide they want to nap together) I'll have more time, LOL.

Sooo....  It is a rare moment of dual napping where I am not holding Bobby and Maya.  Normally, they take a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, but only if I'm with them, and, in the morning, they alternate who takes a nap.  (In fact, I may have jinxed myself, because I swear, I just heard a noise!).  I love the alone time with the babies too, so I'm not complaining, but it leaves little time for laundry, cleaning house, or blogging!

I'll try to give some updates without making this entry go on forever (since I'd like to read a few blogs before someone wakes up!).

Day 4: I'm on day 4 of a cycle!  You read that right!!!  Without any drugs or the sort, on Friday, my period started.  I'm still a bit in all.  That would make my Provera-induced cycle 6 weeks long exactly...  I'm supposes to start the Provera again on June 1st; if my period doesnt show up by the last Friday in May, I will continue with that plan (since the last Friday would be 6 weeks).  All in all, save some pretty nasty cramping, it hasnt been too bad.  A mild shock, but nothing save some normalcy!

Pre-Cana was a blast.  We had the "sex" talk and discussed things like NFP, artificial birth control, ART, and raising a family in the Catholic tradition.  There were 4 couples and they had really good discussion.  Our church holds a spring and a fall course, and we are excited to do it again!

I had another pray-and-play, this one at our parish.  It's more child-focused than the other one, which is more mom-focused.  The moms and kids were really nice.  Maya decided she wanted nothing to do with anything except being held (and on that note, last night, she reached for me over her daddy!  I think it broke his heart a little bit!  He picked her up when she cried and, as soon as she saw me, she reached over his body to get  to me... Sweetness!!  Especially since she's truly a daddy's girl!)  It's still hard for me to connect 100% with the groups, and I still feel out of place, but it's good for the kids to interact with others and, honestly, it's good for me too.  I just am not at the point where I realize that in my heart yet.

The kids are doing GREAT sleeping in their own rooms.  It's funny because it's hard to think of life differently, and it's only been a little over a week.  Perhaps while they are napping, I'll snap some shots of our new rooms.  The downstairs library now has my desk, etc in it; the Alexander's nursery is now Peter's (very disorganized since he hasnt had time to put it right yet) office; Nicholas and Sophia's room is now Maya's room; and Peter's office is now Bobby's room.  There's a post coming about the different rooms, but for now, I'll leave it at this.

My nieces are adorable!  I saw pictures the other day and they are just precious!  Thanks again for all of the prayers!!!

Also, I was delighted to receive a book of grief photography and poetry to review.  I have finished it (finally!) and am in the process of writing the review.  Look for that soon!

Well, I think I'll go for now, so I can catch up (as best I can!).  I'm so sorry for being so far behind and, I most likely wont comment (unless I feel really strongly) so that I can read as much of your entries as possible. Miss you all!!!  Cant wait to get back on the blog train and catch up!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nice to hear from you. I miss reading you but I know how busy you are but Maya & Bobby come first. Glad that they are doing so well. That book sounds interesting, look forward to the review. Glad your nieces are well.
Looking forward to the pictures of the room and some of them too!

Tammy On the Go said...

doing some catching up

Heather said...

Wow - you do sound like a busy woman! I understand though - I get SO behind on blogging and reading blogs tehse days. So sorry if you don't see my comments as much as you used to! I do think of you all the time!

And I'm glad everything went well with the teaching!

Ms. J said...

you have been equally missed! Part of me looks forward to heading back to the office (as opposed to working from home as I am now) just so I can catch up on blogging, LOL.

Fran said...

Hi sweetie! so nice to read all is going well! You have been an amazing supporter all the time so really we understand you had your hand full. Sending you love, Fran

Catherine W said...

Good to hear all your news. I've missed you.

I still struggle a little bit with feeling out of place at moms and babies groups (well, toddlers now if I'm honest. ARGH! When did J become a toddler!) but you are right. I know it is good for me.

Oh and Maya, what a heart breaker! Although I do have a little smile to myself when I am in favour rather than daddy! x

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

SO glad to hear an update from you, and that the kids are doing so well! You're such a great mom - you keep right on putting them first, and we'll be here!

K said...

Glad to hear all is well. The best kind of news to hear!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to have all that ''busyness''in your life though. I can't wait for the chaos of a baby, i think i'm even looking forward to the 2am feedings ( that statement will haunt me later i'm sure)
yay for the cycle without meds--PCOS can be so cruel sometimes.