Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 17th Month Birthday, Alexander

I made you a pac-man cake... I dont know why.  Pac Man?  Really?  But I did...  It's a butter cake, with chocolate frosting...  I cut out a piece and sent it home with your PawPaw, to make the mouth, and then placed a candle for the eye.  I couldnt help but smile when I looked at it, even though, to think of you as a 17 month olf toddler, brings tears to my eyes.  Would you be waddling around, picking up the binkies of Bobby and Maya off the floor?  Would you be telling us that you wanted to use the big boy potty?  Would you be excited to have a big boy bed, in the "boy's room" with your big brother and little brother?  What would life be like, with you at the center of two sets of twins?  With five, 2 and under?

You are still here.  Always.  We feel you every single day.  And honor the Native American proverb that says you will always live as long as someone lives to remember you.

We love you.


Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Sending love to your beautiful boy in Heaven

quadmom said...

Saying a special prayer for Alexander and keeping your whole family in my thoughts. I'm sure he loves his Pac-Man cake! *hugs*

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is a beautiful saying.
Happy Birthday Alexander.
((HUGS)) to you Michele.

Catherine W said...

Remembering your precious son, Alexander.

I love the sound of his cake. His live would surely have been quite a whirlwind between Nicholas & Sophia and Bobby & Maya.

Beautiful proverb. xo

Holly said...

Happy 17 month birthday Alexander