Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time On My Hands

Yes, two posts in one day. I have a little bit of time on my hands, LOL.

The stroller arrived today. It is in the kitchen, just begging to be put together. It's still in the box and I've decided I'll leave it up to Peter as to when it gets put together or if it stays in the box for the next few months. (And I refuse to bow down to the nasty voice in my head that says "keep it in the box because it will be easier to return". To that, I say "Screw You Voice! You and my cervix!")

For the sake of posterity and for anyone looking up cerclages and finds my posts (yes, Google lists my blog under quite a few cerclage searches... kind of neat and freaky in a way), here's some TMI. Ever since my afternoon sneeze, I swear it feels like I have air in my vagina. Now, it could just be gas that "feels" like it is there when in reality it is ready to expel from where it is supposed to come from. My rational brain says that is it. But, it feels very strange, as though there is **something** in my vagina that is just waiting to come out. I've had this in the past in small doses, but after today's sneeze, it has been a constant (for like 4ish hours). Quite the annoyance. No bleeding and no increased discharge, so honestly, I dont think it is anything. But, I wanted to put it out there. I hate searching for something on google and finding nothing. It makes me feel like a freak.

Today, I played with my computer for the first time. I was trying to load my mp3 player music and the WMA files wouldnt play on WMP. It really ticked me off! So, I did some google searching and found out the (stupid) reason (this is why I miss my Mac). And I found a work around and did it! I downloaded a software and made them all mp3 files and there you go! Now my songs are all streaming from my laptop! Given, it took me a few hours to get them all converted and done, but I did it myself!

Talked to my mom on the phone. Man, I miss her. I miss being able to see her whenever I want. You'd think that 11+ years away from "home" and I'd be over this, but I miss her. We were close, and still are. It is so hard being so far away and knowing that, at best, I'll see her once a year. Until last year, it had been 4 years since I'd been back to TN (mostly for money and job reasons). I am really glad to have a trip planned to see them this year, even though I am afraid of the actual trip itself.

And, I promise I'm going to bed now, but I am so excited! My dear friend, Katie, is driving up tomorrow from a state away for a visit! We have a lot in common and see each other a few times a year. I wish we lived closer together because she is a blast. I can't wait to see her!!! (And because she is so awesome, she's bringing me homemade jambalaya (which I craved last night) and lemon bars!)


Mon said...

Hi, im glad to see that you're doing so good, as good as you can, but do you know you shouldn't bring the stroller home before the baby as it may bring bad luck .. we left ours at a friend's house (also in the box but in our case, it was so it's easier to carry) and she brought it over when we came back from the hospital

and yay for home made jambalaya !!
have a great day

Misty said...

You are such a wise soul, sweet friend.

How about you share those lemon bars with me....

A n T said...

"but do you know you shouldn't bring the stroller home before the baby as it may bring bad luck .."

Haven't got mine yet but plan on bringing it home as well. Good thing I don't believe in Luck and only put my fate in God's hand.

Hope you have a blast with your friend!

Cara said...

Oh Michele - those babes are ALL yours. They will outlive you --and that is for sure!!

Check out your fab stroller. 150 days!! wow.

Anonymous said...

I know you already fixed your music problem, but you can download iTunes for Windows machine; that way you wouldn't have to deal with WMP.