Monday, September 22, 2008

Our First Prenatal

Well, Baby Zoë met with Dr. Bailey for the first time! We were 15 minutes late for our appointment because of horrible traffic, but Dr. B. had been called out earlier for an emergency C-section, so we ended up waiting until 1:45pm. But going in there made us both so sure that he is the right doctor for us. We discussed Nicholas and Sophia at length. It made me remember how he called them "the kids" and was so attentive. We discussed the possibility that Nick's birth was spurred by an incompetent cervix and how we could try to stop that this time around. We also discussed weekly injectible progesterone to try to prevent premature labor. There isn't a lot of evidence as to how or why this works and it is both controversial and experimental, but apprently it does work. According to UAB, "Investigators randomized 463 women at 16 to 20 weeks gestation to either weekly 250 mg injections of 17P or placebo. Participants were given injections until week 36 of gestation. Progesterone substantially reduced rates of preterm delivery before 37 weeks (36.3% for 17P group vs 54.9% for placebo group), before 35 weeks (20.6% vs 30.7%), and before 32 weeks (11.4% vs 19.6%). 17P treatment also improved neonatal outcomes, reducing incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, intraventricular hemorrhage, and the need for supplemental oxygen." We agreed to discuss it and get back to him; if we decide we are interested, then all of us would meet with a MFM doctor to discuss whether or not we are good candidates.

We also discussed doing a Shirodkar Cerclage and whether or not the previa would be permanant. A vaginal ultrasound showed that the placenta has already began migrating north, which is great news! Dr. B said that the implantation point was good and that he doesn't forsee a problem at this time. Assuming the next visit or two, we may schedule the cerclage if the placenta is free from as much harm as posisble. We are seeing him every 2 weeks, with an ultrasound at each appointment.

We saw our beautiful baby! Two of the ultrasound pictures are so clear that we can see the baby's perfect little face! We also heard the 166bpm heartbeat, which was beautiful music. Overall, it was a good appointment. My cervix measured well at 4.2 (over 3 is considered positive prior to 12 weeks).

We are soon to be off for our mini-vacation: 2.5 days in Spring Lake, NJ!

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