Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is a poem that is posted under my "professional" blog. In the life I live in my head, I'm a writer, LOL, and although I don't update my writing blog as often as I should (in fact, it was December 06 before today's post), it makes me feel quasi-successful in my authorship. I still write for a yoga mag and for work regularly, so I'm still doing something! Anyways... This is a poem that I wrote (I use my first name for publications).


Every waking moment, I'm haunted
And my dreams are restless sleep
A zombie trapped by a hideous truth
A slave to my memories

A world in blue and gray
A mind shattered by fits of rage
A fairy tale broken into 8mm film
And a girl, who no longer breathes...
And that girl is me...

I go through life, like I'm reading a script
Grateful when each day passes me over
Death is a wish that to grant would be complete
So I live each day in a purple fog

A waking nightmare is each breath
A prayer that ends in a waking death
A fairy trapped in a human realm
And a woman chained on her knees...
And that woman is me...

Prayerful still, yet still afraid
Graveyard dirt stains a woeful face
Memories laced with heroin
And a baby that ceases to be...
And a mother who weeps endlessly...
And that mother is me...

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