Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trying Again...

I didn't return to my job in a small library until April 1st, two months after Nicholas's birth. Life changed. I know I'll never be the person I was before their births (nor would I want to be) but I do struggle at times. (Okay, I struggle a lot). Running a public library, I see a lot of babies and a lot of pregnant women. It's rough on the bad days (which, 7 months later, still come up a lot). It was a tough decision, but, I have to say, my supervisor at the main library, was extremely kind and gave me time and space to make the decision.

We spoke to Dr. Lee, who advised us to return May for an appointment, which we did. This time, because I was actually producing estrogen (a small amount, but still something!), we used Clomid and IUI. We conceived on May 25th, but sadly, the hCG tests never showed anything above 50 (the 4th test) before they began to drop. While technically a chemical pregnancy, I miscarried in mid-June. Our hearts were broken again.

We decided to try again, and, due to diminished estrogen, we started Gonal-F treatments again, followed by an IUI on July 10th. My period came 2 weeks later, on the 25th, with a negative hCG test.

Once again, we went the Gonal-F route, and one follicle began to grow and reached 17. Then, on August 6th, a second follicle looked larger, at 13. Dr. Lee decided to wait until Friday, August 8th, to use an Ovidril shot to induce ovulation, with one follicle at 19 and one at 15. We returned on August 10th, for IUI and were very active that day and the next two days. Hopeful, we waited until August 15th for the first progesterone test. Because of the miscarriage, Dr. Lee prescribed 100mg of Prometrium, just in case, so any number higher than 15 was considered good. We scored 18.4. On August 22nd, we had our hCG test and a second progesterone test. The hCG results were 40.9 at 12dpo, with progesterone at 28. (For reference, at 13dpo, Nicholas and Sophia's progesterone was 34 and their hCG was 65). Our nurse, Amy, called and gave us the good news!

On Monday, August 25th, I visited the local lab for bloodwork (as I had an early meeting and couldn't drive to Bethlehem, almost an hour away). The hCG came back as 93, which is more than double, and the progesterone as 38.6. They consider this very positive and are pleased with the results thus far.

On Thursday, August 28th, I once again visited the local lab (not my preference- Nurse Amy draws blood way better!) We were looking for an hCG increase to 186 or better. We received a 114% increase, with a result of 199 (hCG). Our progesterone increased 90% and went up to 74. Dr. Lee refilled my prescription for Prometrium (just for good measure) and asked that I have one more blood test, in 4 days.

On Tuesday, September 2nd, I returned for my third visit to the local lab (because, once again, I have a 9am meeting). My 8:15am appointment yielded positive results on Wednesday with my hCG increasing to 2735 and my progesterone coming back at 33. The nurse said that the progesterone fluctuation is nothing to worry about and that 33 is well within normal for the first trimester. Now, it's time to move on to the ultrasound on Friday, September 12th.

On 9/2, as I was sitting on the couch, my left ovary had a dull ache and I had all but convinced myself that things were poor. The high hCG has given me hope for the ultrasound and hope for a positive pregnancy. We continue to pray for the health and safety of the baby (or babies) that are growing within.

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