Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walking In His Shoes

Last fall, Peter broke the mold and bought a pair of Vibrams. He actually wore them for Robert's Run as part of the 2011 Alex's Lemonade Stand Lemon Run.

Since then, he's been on me to try them.  I love being barefoot and, 12 months of the year, sport my Almost Bare Foot Croc flip flops.  I loathe socks and love the feel of my feet being feet. (Excluding when I'm running when I love my running shoes and fave socks like nothing else.)  But, he keeps telling me to go for it.

And so... I have.  No pics of me in them yet (although I'm wearing them now!) but I'm a Vibram wearer too now...  Since Saturday, I've been sporting a pair of KomodoSport in black/grey/pink.
 Due to a pricing error at the store, I got them for cheap and decided to give Peter's advice a chance.

I wore them on Sunday afternoon and HATED them.  As I lamented "my feet hurt", Peter noticed that I had them as tight as humanly possible.  Yeah... Not a good thing.  So, yesterday, I tried them again (sans socks that time) and they werent so bad.  Today, again, without socks, and I'm sort of digging them.  So... We'll see!

Will they replace my flips?  Never!  But for actually wearing a 'shoe', I think I could get used to this...


quadmom said...

I'll be curious to hear what you think after a while. I'm barefoot 95% of the time, too, or in flip flops til I absolutely must wear shoes for the winter, so I feel you!! My husband's parents think I'm crazy (also bc I leave the kids barefoot most of the time too haha).

Brigid said...

Will you go running in them? I'm interested to see what they're like...I can ask you all my questions this weekend!!

Mama G said...

I LOVE my five fingers :) They are my little piece of heaven when running or doing anything. and so easy to clean! I wish the the store had pink when I was there but they only had baby blue. It takes a little to get used to them. (I'm barefoot when I'm in the house and only put shoes on to go out.)