Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RUNNING In His Shoes

This post is brought to you by the sentence "My husband is right."
(and, it's written for Brig, the little sister I didn't have (but Sarah did!) but love just as much, LOL!)

Just wanted to get that out there first, seeing as Peter isn't going to let me live this down for a while...

As I mentioned yesterday, I succumbed to Peter's "encouragement" and got a pair of Vibrams.  I thought I might trail run in them but mainly got them to wear around the house since I like being barefoot (save the 'in the kitchen' jokes since that's actually true in our house!).  I have sworn up and down (and sideways and... you get the picture) that I wouldnt run in them outside of the ocassional trail.  I've even been known to make fun of runners in them... I know, I'm pretty awful.

For some reason today (perhaps it was Brigid asking if I've run in them, but really, who knows), I decided to go for a short run around the neighborhood.  I've been training with only 2-3 runs a week and have missed my daily 2-3 miles since I had dropped my dailies over the winter (dont know why... I missed them and yet couldnt get my butt out of bed in the early a.m. to go). As I put on my running clothes, I decided to forgo my sneakers (it's been raining and they are new... but really that's just an excuse I think) and keep the Vibrams (which I've worn all morning to clean in).

2.05 miles... 5 songs on my phone... 18 minutes.  Yeah.  9 minute miles.  (I'm a 10 minute mile kind of girl).  I felt like I was flying and, get this, there was no added stress to me.  I wanted to do my 'race pace' which is about a 10 minute mile, but something happened. I was running with the output that I planned but realized as my playlist went by that I was way ahead of where I thought I should/would be. 

So...Peter was right.  These shoes are a bit more amazing than I thought. I can't believe I PR'd my 2 mile standard on my first run out...

(Of course...We'll see how my feet are going to feel later this day but, for right now, they feel pretty darn fine!)

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Brigid said...

whoa! Congrats on your new 2mile PR! I haven't done any research on them (but have probably given weird looks to runners wearing them)...maybe I should look into a pair.