Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Today, we took Bobby and Maya for their annual ophthalmology visit.  Last year, we moved to a new doctor, where the kids had a meltdown for their appointment. (I mean, in their defense, I dont like drops in my eyes or having them held open with metal clamps either). At their visit last year, Dr. C. prepared us for the likely possibility that Maya especially, but possibly both kids, will need glasses in childhood. 
Amazingly enough, the kids scored exactly the same this year, with Maya at a "0" and Bobby normal for age (which I'm assuming is still around a "2").  The kids handled the dilation okay (they weren't happy but the nurse let them pick out a sucker afterwards, which helped that). Bobby sat (and squirmed) with Peter for his appointment, but Dr. C. was able to see what she needed to.  Maya sat with me even though she didnt want to and she cooperated well.

Dr. C. anticipates that, although Maya doesnt have severe nearsidedness (which premature babies are at a statistically higher risk of), since she is at "0" right now, statistically she will probably need glasses by the time she's kindergarten age.  Bobby may need them, but right now his eye shape is more farsided  (as it should be for a young child) although she saw the shadow of a stigmatism. So, they will both continue to be followed annually (and Maya will have her annual retinology appointment in the fall, as well).

I keep telling myself that I was a preemie who should, statistically, have poorer vision, and I'm still 20/15. So, will they need glasses? Possibly, likely. But, will their eyes develop with them? Only time will tell.

I'm in a better place about this that I was last year, perhaps because last year happened. It still hurts to think that had I been able to carry them longer, they'd be better off.  But thinking about the what if's... It doesnt seem worth it. They are here. Safe. Healthy. Whatever hurdles we jump through, we do it together.  This is a small thing in the grand scheme of things.

So, kudos to the kiddos for rocking their appointment and behaving so well!!


Brigid said...

Hooray! Glasses can be fun, but I wish I didn't NEED them = ( Maybe their vision will be just as good as yours!

trennia said...

I'm so glad for them, although there is nothing wrong with glasses either :)

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Hooray for such a good appointment!

Burrito and Tamale are going to need to go to the opthamologist soon too, but due to genetics rather than prematurity. Any tips for getting them through it at this age -- aside from the lollipops? :)

Michele said...

I'll be honest- it blows. They are going to hate it. Until they are 3, they have to have their eyes dilated, which is the biggest issue. Up until this appointment, their eyes had to be clamped open so that the doctor could get a good view of them. At this appointment, they were finally old enough/cooperative enough that the doctor could see without doing that and, next year, they wont need the drops beforehand (THANK GOD!). We do a lot of chatting about going before hand and talk about where the eyes are, that the doctor is going to lookat their eyes, etc. to get them prepared and then, when we are there, we make an exaggerated excitement about how great it is to have your eyes looked at.

quadmom said...

Hey Michele -- we just took ours to their eye appts today. Sophie and Ethan both have moderate astigmatisms (both eyes, but same in each eye) and may need glasses in another couple of years, too. So I feel you! *hugs*