Monday, May 21, 2012

Make a "T" and Shake It

It's been almost 2 weeks or so since I've blogged. I've got things ruminating but life has just been a bit busy.

We take the kids to Mass each week and, for the most part, they are really well behaved. Potty training has added a new layer to any outing, since Maya especially enjoys visiting EVERY bathroom in the world, but it's going well (again, adding the 'for the most part' caveat).  At Mass, the priest is about the start the Gospel when Maya announces she needs to go to the potty.  She says it and signs it (in case we (and the pews around us) are deaf), so I discretely take her to the bathroom in the Narthex.  So, we're all done and I'm walking towards the doors to reenter the church proper when I noticed my daughter isnt next to me.  No, she's pulling on the heavy glass doors that lead into the Shrine for the Holy Family.  I try to tell her that we are missing Mass and need to go back when she proceeds to tell me that she's going to pray and visit "Mama Mary, Papa Joseph, and Baby Jesus". Now, far be it from me (even though I'm irritated by this point because we are missing Mass and, since we sit in the front, I'm going to have to walk back THROUGH THE CENTER AISLE back to our seats in the middle of the homily) to tell my kid that she can't pray.  So, into the Shrine we go, where she proceeds to kneel on the altar, cross herself, close her eyes, fold her hands, and start praying (only the Holy Family knew what language she was speaking).   When she's done, we get up and go back to Mass.  Things are fine. Amen.

During the Eucharistic prayer, however, we arent so fine.  Bobby says, fairly low, "Stop." Now, this is what he says when we are out and he needs to go to the bathroom.  (It comes from the song we sing, "Stop and Go... Stop what you're doing, stop and go." Peter tells him we will go to the bathroom as soon as we stand up (you know... trying to be respectful of the priest praying, we're kneeling, we're praying, etc). He repeats "Stop" three more times, getting louder each time, to the point that Peter is practically knocking me over to get Bobby out to the bathroom.  (First, because who wants a kid yelling STOP in the middle of the Eucharistic prayer! and second, because I no longer bring a spare change of clothes out with my mostly, well trained potty-goers!)

We stand up and Maya, who asked me to hold her, is facing the congregation.  In a clear, authoritative voice, she says "Bobby has to go potty.  Make a "T"," she makes an ASL 'T" with her fingers, "and shake it!" 

There isnt a rock big enough, I tell you...  And it isnt better when the poor priest is doing his best not to laugh when you link eyes with him to somehow apologize.  At that point, all I wanted to do was laugh, too!

All in all, taking the kids is a good experience. They enjoy going and expect that our Saturday evenings will include a visit to "Jesus's house".  But last weekend, it was quite the experience!  (Of course, now everyone knows the sign for 'potty'!)


Paula said...

The kids will be happy to know that our church has 4 bathrooms they can check out.

Aisha said...

I've heard this from a lot of parents in the midst of potty-training! My kiddo is now two and I want to start just like you started before the "recommended age of three" for boys. . . hopefully it will go as well s your is, for the most part :)

sprogblogger said...

Heheheh. I'll bet the other congregants were happy to see kids doing what they do. And speaking for myself, I'd MUCH rather witness an adorable "Potty Please" interaction than the stinky results of ignoring same! Sounds like they're doing great!

Tanika said...


This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I love moments when laughter takes over, especially when you’re not “supposed’ to be laughing!

Alison said...

Love, love, love the statue! And so happy to hear Bobby's speech is improving!