Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lesson Learned

You'd think that I'd have learned by now, but apparently not.

Lay off the dairy, lady.  Really.  Lay off.
-Love, your digestive system

But, I'm hard headed.  Ask my mom.  It's true.  (I know, you're struggling to believe it... I get it.  Me too.)

Since cutting back dairy to only really Greek yogurt and feta, I've been fine.  No issues.  No puking.  No gastro-technics from the other end.  You know... Good stuff.  Normal stuff.  And, without a love of dairy, I've been good.

So, of course, I had to ruin it.

I made tikka masala the other night, courtesy of my friend, R, who had brought me an Indian spice packet that she uses.  It smelled great.  And I made it, using dairy, and thinking, no big deal.  It will be fine.  There was yogurt in it, so I assumed that would make it okay. 

("Hey, idiot!  You cooked it- that killed whatever might have made it okay!- digestive system)

I've been fighting a sinus cold and was finally feeling a bit better.  We ate dinner, all was fine...

Until around 4am...

When I found myself in the bathroom... then on the kitchen floor (because it was cool and felt nice and, honestly, because I cant stand laying on a bathroom floor unless there are NO other options)... then back in the bathroom... You can see where this is going.  It wasnt good.

Thankfully, it was a Wednesday, so I was planning to take the kids to my in-laws in the late morning anyway.  But it soon became apparent (I'll give you this one visual: bathroom with a trashcan in hand- you fill in the rest) that I wasnt going anywhere- playgroup, my in-laws, the volunteering at the school library I'd planned, NADA!!!- soon.  Peter called my MIL, who thankfully hadnt left for morning prayers at Mass yet, and she stayed home so that he could drop the kids off on his way to work. 

I spent the day too weak to get off the couch until I was in the bathroom (trust me, no amount of weakness would make me want to have to clean up a mess like THAT) and I couldnt hold down anything (including water or ginger ale) for more than a few minutes at a time.  It was awful.  Like, really REALLY awful.  And what made it worse was that it was my fault.

As I was getting sick, I knew.  Round one was dinner from the night before, which had basically sat in my stomach and hadnt digested.  Fun.  Really. 

I knew.  The dairy.  I'd tried, thinking it would be okay, but it was a huge FAIL.  And I paid for it with a day of feeling so lousy that I couldnt even stand up without swaying.  By early afternoon, I was able to lay down in my bed without feeling too awful (why the couch was better in the morning, I have no idea) and I ate some crackers without tossing them back up.

For dinner, I ate pasta and that seemed okay.

And, by Thursday, I was fine.  But really?  I'm an intelligent, college educated, well read woman.  What the hell is my problem?

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