Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fourteen Year Itch

April marks 14 years since Peter and I first laid eyes on each other and our lives changed forever.  Love at first sight is no joke!  But, in honor of that, I thought it only fair that I mention a few of our recent conversations. 

Peter enjoys rum; I'm a vodka girl.  He really digs bourbon; I'm an Irish whiskey and Scotch woman.  For the years we've been together, we've never been able to bridge the gap with our hard liquor.  But he's always up to the challenge!  As a result, I've found 2 bourbons that I will drink (if I must- still not my thing, but they werent bad) and a rye that reminded me of Irish whiskey.  My stepdad turned him on to Middleton's (my fave Irish wh) and we also enjoy Red Breast.  Scotch, however, was a problem.  He just couldnt find one he liked.  Finally, we agreed on Scapa.  Peter has a group of work buddies, and they exchange samples of liquors they like, so that they can get an idea of what's out there and, from there, we've now found a new favorite Scotch for both of us!  A'bunadh.  Good stuff.  Well, after we had our tasting and discussion, he says, very matter-of-factly, how much he enjoys discovering new things that I like, even after all this time.  Wow... Love over alcoholism... How sweet! :)

On that vein, if you've seen Signing Time (and, if you've been to our house, you have because it is the current FAVORITE of both kids), you know how addictive the songs can be.  There's one that we find ourselves singing regularly, since it relates to food/eating times.  It says something along the lines of "When you eat in the morning, that's breakfast: food in the morning.  When you eat in the mddle of the day, that's lunch: food at noon.  When you eat in the evening, that's dinner: food at night.  And when you finish eating, ask to be excused.  May I be excused?"  The song is signed and the signs for the words 'breakfast', 'lunch', and 'dinner', are the combos of "food" and the time of day (morning, noon, night), hence the song.  But, let's face it, when the kid songs get into your head, sometimes it drives you nuts.  We may have been doing our booze tasting from above and, as it was post-dinner, may have had this particular song in our head.  Which led to our remake.  I'd love to have videoed it for your amusement, but that's something the Internet doesnt need!  "When you drink in the morning, that's a problem: booze in the morning. When you drink in the mddle of the day, that's sad: booze at noon. When you drink in the evening, that's happy hour: booze with friends. And when you get kicked out of the bar you say:  May I be excused?"  I know... Really original.  And no, we didnt sign it (okay, we signed part of it... neither of us knew how to sign getting kicked out of the bar).

And finally, because 14 years breeds a level of comfort and intimacy, where would this post be without some inappropriateness...  I was mentioning that MGM, which had originally agreed to make The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and it's sequals, was debating on the latter.  Which had me sad because if Daniel Craig is in it, it pretty much has my ticket, no matter what.  (If you've been around this blog awhile, then you know of the crush I have on DC: Don't worry- Peter's aware of it, too.)  So, we're doing dishes together (while Sarah plays with the kids) and he says "I dont understand why you think he's so hot."  (This may have been a response to me saying his name and signing "hot"... maybe...)  So, I bust into all of my reasons, to which Peter responds in the negative.  Like any good wife defending her celebrity crush, I ask him for his breakdown of DC's hotness.  (Oh Yes... I did!  But I gave him the caveat that, since he's a guy, his opinion is only worth so much, which he conceded).  He said that, body wise, he gives DC an above average (uh...duh???  and the guy's moving towards his 44th birthday, so yeah, above average is an understatement).  On his face, however, he shook his head.  "I just dont see it."

I admit.  I like the chiseled, hard-cut jaw and features.  There's something dark about it, I think.  It's my remaining vestige of liking the 'bad boy' type thing (although, since he's 43 and I'm almost 32, I guess it's a 'bad guy' sort of thing at this point).  Peter compared him to Matt Damon (another good looking guy in my book, although a few years younger than DC), whom he considers considerably more attactive.  He isnt quite as striking as DC, to me, and there's a big reason why.  Eyes.  I'm an "eye" girl when push comes to shove.  Peter has GREAT eyes (which Bobby inherited, so LOOK OUT LADIES!).  Another actor with awesome blue eyes (and whom I have quite the crush on)?  Matt Bomer, from the USA hit White Collar (who is also closer to our age).  Peter admits, MB has good eyes and is 'above average' overall.  But still, DC isnt getting his vote!  So, after I break down the eye debate (MB has great eyes that are warm and fuzzy; DC has great eyes that hold a hint of 'dont piss me off and, if you do, stay out of the dark alley afterwards'.  I'm sorry!  But I like that!), I turn to the tried and true method of any woman trying to win a 'which celebrity crush is hotter'... I yell to Sarah: "Hey, if you could go with Daniel Craig or Matt Damon, who would it be?"

To which, as any good friend would, she replies, "Are we talking about a one time thing or forever?"

Good thought...  Peter answers "One time thing".  Hey, I'll go for that, although, my answer wouldnt change (assuming OF COURSE that I wasnt married, he wasnt married, all the other caveats of a good Catholic wife!).

Sarah is priceless.  This is why we are best friends.  "Oh, that's easy.  Daniel Craig.  But if it was forever, then Matt Damon.  Daniel Craig looks like the type of guy that, if he was mad at me, he wouldnt talk to me."  There you have it, people.  He looks like he might have an attitude problem.  This is why I like him.

Peter rolled his eyes.  I think he realized at that point that it was time to move on to something a little more realistic... But, since I'm now thinking about DC, I cant remember exactly what that is!  And, on that note, I'd better finish preparing for the pre-cana seminar we are teaching this afternoon!

On a serious note: I think most of us have celebrity crushes.  While I joke about guys like DC (and, if he ever finds his way here by googling his name, I hope he realizes that he can email me and we can meet up wherever!! ;) ), I love my husband.  He knows this, and, just like we discuss his celebrity crushes from time to time, it's all in fun.


ccc said...

M. Damon is very good looking in my books...although, for me, he is a younger man.
I like how you write, it reminds me of my husband and I...we have been together 26 yrs (married 21)

Terri Jones said...

Years upon years ago, J had a dream that I'd cheated on him with Rob Lowe. While admittedly Rob Lowe is an attractive man, he's never been a crush of mine. But every since then we've had a running joke- like 10 years plus running- that everytime we see RL on tv or magazine J mumbles "Bastard RL" and shakes his head like he hates the guy. I tease him about it. I almost bought a mag once because RL on the cover w/o a shirt and I was going to bring it home & leave out where he could see it.
All in good fun, of course. :-)