Friday, March 30, 2012

Church Hooch

My Easter dress is rather simple.  It's a coral/salmon color with short drap sleeves and waist rouching.  A tradition from childhood has been a 'new' dress for Easter.  We grew up pretty poor but there always was money for something.  It may have come from the local thrift shop or bought from the store, but it was "new" for us.  As an adult, I've done the same.  Peter, not so much.  Maybe a new shirt, tie, or acessory, but since suits are pricey, he tends to wear the ones he has.  The kids: new outfit.  The consignment and second hand stores are my favorite places to look (which is where I got Bobby's suit for this year for $14 and his one for next year- 3 piece plus tie and shirt- for $4.50!!! and Maya's dress for $8), but whenever I have specials for Kohl's, that's my store of choice.  My MIL often gets 30% off coupons and the $$ off coupons, as do I, so I'll stick stuff together and wait for sales (I swear, Kohl's doesnt want you to pay full price).  Which is how I bought this $90 dress, on sale for just under $60, for less than 1/3 of the price!  It was twenty-something (I dont remember now).

Because I'm me (and have 0 fashion sense whatsoever), I sent out a text to several of my fashionist girlfriends to get advice for a very important question: what color shoes do I wear with this???  I got a couple of responses, but it's my girlfriend, M (Maya's godmother), that I had the most fun with and needed to share (because I need to laugh again, and figured you might too!).

We were texting back and forth, and M told me she had some shoes I could borrow (we're getting together early next week, so it works out!) and asked what the dress looked like.  I responded with "It's churchy" because, really, that's a good definition right?  It has sleeves, doesnt show cleavage, and hits the knee.  Church appropriate!

She responds that she's never heard that term to describe  dress and that the shoes are  little more hoochie. 

Let me set the scene for you.  I'm covered in church.  I wear strapless or sleeveless, but with a cover-up, and we're kind of old school, so I wear a short (head only, just hits the shoulders) mantilla or chapel veil and cover my head.  (Maya even has a white chapel veil that she wears when she wants, although, as she gets older and understands, I expect that she'll wear it with regularity.)  Pair those two things with... Hooker Boots.  Yes.  Over the knee, healed boots.  Like these.
Actually, not "like" those.   They are those.

Peter always laughs when I come out of the bedroom, church appropriate dress and mantilla in hand...with what we, affectionately, (hide your eyes) call "whore boots".  But they are comfortable (no, really), and I like them.  And, let's be honest.  They cover the rest of my legs so that NOTHING is showing!

I say this to my girlfriend.  Bring on the hoochie heels!  Because, with my reputation, they will go great!  To which Sarah, who is helping me make dinner during all of this, replies (and I sent this), "Yes... I think paring hooker boots with church wear sends quite the statement: I know how to worship AND have a good time afterwards."



Brigid said...

haha, Sarah would say that! we are all about finding outfits that say several things to show off our versatility.

the dress is super cute, btw! love kohl's!

ccc said...

Ha ha ha! I wear similar boots(mine are to the knee)to church with my modest church outfits. I would love to see it matched with a mantilla :)
My husband likes to make "comments" about them LOL LOL
I love the dress you got for Easter..that is one of my favorite colors to wear. Post a pic of the shoes that you end up wearing with it!!

Jenni said...

Firstly, I LOVE the idea of covering in church. I gotta find myself a good veil and start doing it. Where did you get yours? (that might warrant a post of its own lol)

Secondly, love the boots. I've never heard them called whore boots, I admit the name I've always heard was "F***-Me Boots" which, um, kinda the same I guess huh? :)

Michele said...

Hey Jenni! I got mine from our local Catholic bookstore, but if you google "mantilla" or"chapel veil", you will find a variety!