Friday, March 9, 2012

For Them

A while ago, I had pondered the idea of preschool and whether or not it was a good idea, and I had gotten some suggestions for joining a meet-up group, which led to me eventually becoming a playdate organizer for a local group.  Twice a week (Mon and Thur) I host an a.m. playgroup for toddlers (and younger/older siblings when they are there) at the house.  Nice weather allows for us to go outside, but if we are indoors, the playroom is a great thing to have.  I have snacks, and there's always coffee going.

It started off as something for Bobby and Maya.  So that they could have friends, become socialized, etc.

I didn't expect it to give me anything.

But it really has.  I dont think I realized how isolated I felt at times.  I have awesome friends, some with kids and some without. But it has been really eye opening to meet other moms (havent met any dads yet) who have kids B&Ms age, who are going through similar ups and downs, etc.  This week, I had a great time with another twin mom whose life was so similar to mine that it was scary.  And it was really nice to 'connect' on that level. 

I'm really glad that I took the advice and got involved.  It turns out that what started out as something for Bobby and Maya has become a great thing for me as well.


quadmom said...

So glad Bobby's therapy is helping already! It really is amazing what a good therapist can do. I'm glad your playgroup has helped you, too. Looking forward to coming soon! :)

trennia said...

I am so happy therapy is going great for Bobby!
Play group sounds amazing,I never did that...wish I had.Glad you all enjoy it!

Fran said...

Wow! So good to hear all is going great for Bobby and that you have found yet another thing to help others (and yourself!). Love, Fran