Saturday, February 25, 2012

My (Vegan) Happy Place

I have to admit... the vegan baking?  Yeah, I'm hooked.  Even on the (no)baking goodies.

When I was pregnant with Bobby and Maya, Peter used to go by the Whole Foods near the hospital and bring me these DELICIOUS vegan chocolate peanut butter bars.  Sadly, the WF near our house doesnt make these, but he'll periodically grab one if he's at the one near the hospital (which is about 15 minutes from his work).  I searched for the WF recipe, but alas... No go.

So, instead I just searched for vegan chocolate peanut butter bar today... and oh, what I found!  Thanks to Yummy Vegetarian Recipes for the recipe which I modified slightly.  They are chilling now, but I ran my finger along the left over peanut butter on the mixing bowl and dipped it in some of the dredges of chocolate... OH HAPPY PLACE.  How I have missed you PB-Choc Bars!! 

This whole dairy free thing... I could get TOO used to it!

Vegan Peanut Butter- Chocolate Bars
(no bake)
serves between 16-25, depending on how you slice them

9oz smooth peanut butter
2oz Earth Balance (or other vegan butter alternative) (for PB) plus 1oz Earth Balance (for choc)
1.25 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1tbsp vanilla
7oz Icelandic chocolate (I use half 56% and half 70% dark)

In a mixing bowl, blend the peanut butter, 2oz of EB, sugars, and vanilla until smooth.  Place a large sheet of wax paper in a 9x9 dish.  Spread the peanut butter mixture in the 9x9 pan. 

Melt the chocolate with 1oz EB.  Spread the melted chocolate over the peanut butter mixture. 

Chill until the chocolate is cool to the touch.  Cut into squares (and try not to gorge yourself on them!)

Servings and (approx) Calories:
16 bars- 250 calories
20 bars- 200 calories
25 bars- 150 calories


Amelia said...

I will be going dairy free for my 2 year old next month, and boy am I nervous. Hearing how much you like it makes me feel much better about taking this on.

Queenie. . . said...

I am skeptical of vegan baking, but perhaps you'll make me a convert!