Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Dad's Challenge

I saw this on FB, courtesy of another doula. And I have to tell you, while his self-depreciating comments dont apply to Peter (who has been known to say "Why cant men be midwives?" because, truly, he was a GREAT labor support person and I felt like he was really 'with me' in pregnancy/delivery), if I am ever pregnant again, I plan to seek out my own doula! (even with a planned c-section- my comment to the author, in response to his questioning of c-section doulas, explains why).

But, for a good laugh (and a dad's perspective on doulas!), if you havent seen this article, I highly suggest you pop on over to Daddy Confidential and give it a read!!!

I Challenge You To a Doula (2/7/11)
No way you’re expecting a baby!? Holy crap shut up congratulations that’s awesome. You’re probably freaking out in anticipation of the coming rapture. But heed one recommendation to vastly improve everyone’s birth experience – yours, your wife’s… even your baby’s: Totally get a doula.
Unless you live in Berkeley you could probably use a refresher on what the deal is with doulas. Fair enough.
Doula. Rhymes with “hula.” A doula attends a birth for the express purpose of supporting the mother. Why is this necessary? Because you, the expectant father, are beyond useless. You may be all set with clipboard, whistle, and stopwatch – ready to play Birth Coach. But your skill set is more suited to the role of cheerleader. JV squad... (click here to read the full article)

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