Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Things

The day is lovely and it's not even 1pm yet... 

First off, my first MHB "client" had her daughter yesterday!  She lost her son 2 years ago due to IC, and thanks to a TVC, carried not just to 36 weeks when the stitch came out, but all the way to 41 weeks before going into labor on her own at 4am and delivering before lunch time!  Congrats T and welcome Baby W!!! :)

On the note of previous things, on Monday, we had a kick-ass day at a local playground.  We played, then the kids and I took a nature walk!  It was nearly a mile and they were troopers.  We held hands and talked about all we saw, why the leaves were brown (instead of green) and the trees were bare, why some of the trail was raised (wetlands), some was paved, and some was sand, and about the different animals who lived in the park/forest area.  Afterwards, we played some more.  The weather has been REALLY nice for winter: in the 40s (and some days, 50s). 

I've also become that mom several times over.  The kids still dont eat the food (I'll order a salad or the fruit/walnut/yogurt snack and will bring food for them), but the LOVE the play area.  And the indoor play yard at the McDonald's near us is so incredibly awesome that playgroups actually meet there (like the one that I'm a part of! see more info below!).  Apparently (or so I'm told by other moms who go there and dont let their kids eat the food either), the management has told them that they dont care if you bring your kids lunch.  REALLY?  Wow... Then I dont even have to feel bad!  But, still, it's a business.  I respect that (even if not so much the product), so I order my salad and unsweetened iced tea, pay my $5, and let the kids run wild in a completely enclosed (with a bathroom!) space that has a play area that I am incredibly jealous of (because it looks like fun and I'm too big to play in it!).  One morning, we were there for over and hour and a half.  And because the tables, etc, are in the same space as the play yard, I can read a book, while still keeping an eye on the kids.  It's insane.  It's really great.  (And I'm sure it's part of the great, evil plan to get kids to love Ronald so much that they will eventually love- and eat- the food...  God willing, not my kids, but I still get it.)

Playgroups.  To cousin Paula and all the other awesome folks who suggested that I take a harder look and find time in the schedule for playgroups (and to search out Meetup for local ones).  THANK YOU.  YOU ROCK.  Not only are we getting back involved in the local parish's weekly playgroup, but we are also now active in a local group I found on Meetup.  And not just active- I'm the toddler playdate organizer!  They asked if folks were willing to help, I said I was, and boom!  In addition to a weekly morning playgroup at our house (I'm REALLY thankful for the playroom and the outside playground we spent the last year creating- thank you Craigslist and second hand stores!), I've also scheduled a monthly evening playgroup/potluck, as well as a monthly (right now) yoga class for parents.  It's a great bunch of parents, and I'm excited to branch out a bit more. 

The parish playgroup is run by a friend (and local mom).  We went when the kids were much younger, but decided recently that we should make the time to go.  It's on Wednesday mornings, when the kids are usually at Peter's parents, but we're going to alter the schedule a bit so that we can make it.  And today really shows why.  In addition to playing (which they loved), Bobby and a little boy their age connected last week (running up and down the handicapped ramp will do that!) and today, when the little guy, E, arrived, Bobby's face lit up.  They played together for most of the morning and, at one time, Bobby came up to me and said "Friend".  Bobby's not a talker; this is a big deal, and it really warmed my heart.  Maya, social butterfly that she is, loves to play and chat with whomever will talk (or listen!) to her.  She also ADORES the Virgin Mary.  There is a statue in one of the window areas.  No joke- FIVE times, I had to ask Maya to come out.  What was she doing?  Praying.  (I know... How do you ask your child to stop praying?)  She would go to the window, get on her knees and fold her hands, and start praying outloud.  The only words I would get when I found her were "Mama Mary", which is what we call Her, and she would kiss the statue when she was done, then come out and play... Before finding herself back there.  Apparently, a lot of folks needed prayer today... and we are raising a nun!  (or maybe not, she did give a heart sticker to a little boy (part of a twin set) a few months younger than she...) :)  The kids each made a heart craft for Peter (I was able to work one-on-one with them; one would play while one crafted- worked out really well!) and, as we were celebrating a birthday, they got to pick out a cupcake to eat (which they loved).  Maya even stayed in playgroup- calmly- while I left with Bobby to change his dipe.  So, all in all, a really awesome morning.  It runs until 11am, which is how long we stayed today because my in-laws are on vacation, but we'll probably cut out around 10am so I can take the kids to "Uita and Grandpa's house" normally.  But it's a nice group with a lot of nice families.  And several of the kids will be going to the Church preschool next year, so Bobby and Maya will know a few of the kids in their class from playgroup (which they will still be able to attend because preschool is Tues/Thurs and playgroup is Wed! Yay!).

As I mentioned before, we have to change our parish affiliation because we're sending the kids to the local parish school.  I emailed our priest and secretary this morning to let them know... they are SO wonderful.  It was heartbreaking to do, and their responses were so sweet.  I'll still be cantoring there each month, but still... We're going to miss attending there most Sundays and holy days.  But, come tomorrow, we'll be registering at our local parish.  I have an appointment with one of the priests (which is how this parish does its registrations) tomorrow afternoon.  I've already copied our baptismal certificates, etc, so I basically just have to go, have a chat, and fill out some paperwork, I suppose.

In other groovy news: Yay Yoga Solstice! :)  The studio has been ready to go and I'll be teaching a regularly scheduled Monday evening "Yoga for Infertility" class each week!  WOO HOO!  I'm kind of excited.  My other classes are still open, and other than some private instruction, this is a big deal (for me, at least:) ).  Yay!  I'm pretty psyched about it.

Oh and what post would be complete without some TMI.  Let me just say how incredibly cool it is to be able to "predict" for the most part when my period is going to start.  The years of not having and not knowing when one would show up were pains...  This whole thing of (relatively) monthly cycles- pretty darn nice.  I'm usually about 32 days.  This cycle?  31.  But I knew.  I felt when I ovulated and told Peter that I was due today. Even though I woke up without, guess what happened after lunch?  Yep.  Exactly.  CD1.  I'm actually quite happy to know that my body is behaving (in a multitude of ways).

This post is all over the place- sorry... I'm trying to update with recent stuff and my mind is running a mile a minute.  Not to mention, I have some homework that I've been working on since December (LONG assignment... It's killing me.) so I'd better get to that... 

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schnitzelbank said...

Hi - I don't know if you have read up on the mother who exposed the germiness of McD's Playplaces. They are filthy. Things like Meningitis, contagious fungi, MRSA, Salmonella, all sorts of things you don't want your kids to get. Google it, you will see the reports. In fact, she has been *banned* from some McD's because they don't want her swabbing the place anymore. I personally don't let my kids play there. I'd rather spend the entrance fee for an indoor playground that's clean, if I can't take them outside (on the other hand, I live in CA, so it's rare that we can't go outside). Here's one link to the story: