Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And the Winner Is... (HHB)

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So, we selected the preschool that the kids will attend this fall. After visiting a Montessori, Quaker, and Catholic preschool, we ultimately went with the local Catholic school. We liked the school on the whole, although it was a tough choice between it and the Quaker one (which we also really liked).

I'll be volunteering at the school beginning this month, in their library. I havent done real library work since I resigned in 2009, pregnant with the twins! So, that's exciting. :) It was the suggestion of a mom in the parish, whose kids go to the school. It will give me a good understanding of the school, and help me get to know the staff, teachers, etc. Since I'm not altogether comfortable with the kids going to a traditional school, I'm hoping this will help.

One of the hardest decisions is transferring parishes. In order for our kids to attend the local Catholic school, we have to transfer our membership from our parish (in a neighboring town) to our local one. It's a nice church, but I will miss Fr. B. and our parish family. I still plan to cantor at our parish monthly, but it wont be the same. We're finishing up our ministries there and will be transfering membership to the new parish in the coming weeks/months. Tough choices... But with the school closures/combinings, we cant stay at our old parish and send the kids to this parish school.

So, lots of changes coming in the coming months!


Hillary said...

How wonderful! I can't wait to read upcoming posts of how the kiddos are doing!


ccc said...

Changes can be exciting! Also, a reminder that I always tell myself is...changes can also be reversed, nothing has to be permanent if it does not work out.
I am excited to hear more about the school and your library involvement.