Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feeling It Now!

I was, perhaps, a bit too optimistic about the lack-of-pain!  Late morning, the soreness moved into the wow-I-just-had-surgery realm.  So, now I'm taking a percocet every 6 hours to keep the edge off until I get home.  Let's be honest... The place that you dont want to be in pain is a 2.5 hour flight home!

So... We'll be heading to our hotel in the next hour or so, once I'm discharged.  And, hopefully, I'll be feasting on deep dish tonight (assuming I'm not nauseous!)!!


Hillary said...

Prayers for a speedy recovery and a comfotable flight home!


quadmom said...

So sorry you're starting to be in pain. =( That stinks, especially for the flight home. If you need anything once you're back, text me, I am not far!!