Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Leaving Chicago

Today is my last day in Chicago; Sarah and I are mostly packed and, currently, are enjoying the free wi-fi at the Panera 2 blocks from our hotel, where we are having coffee and breakfast.  I walked here and, although it took what felt like forever, I feel like I'll be able to walk the five blocks to the Metro so that we can get back to the airport easily (and way more cheaply than taking a taxi). 

I've decided to take half of the recommended pain medication (which works just fine for me) until I get home (at least).  Dr. Haney had told me that recovering from this surgery in comparison to recoverying from my c-section at 70-80 pounds heavier, would be easier and he's right.  It hurts, but it's a world of difference.  The pain is similar, but I feel more movable, more able to do what I need to do.  Which is nice, considering I'm going home to take care of my family in addition to healing.

I couldnt have done this trip without Sarah.  I truly couldnt have.  She slept like a new mom; everytime I got up, she asked if I was okay or needed help.  When I was awake, she talked to me.  When I was tired, she put me to sleep (literally).  If she ever wants a career as a Reikist, she could set her own fortune.  Whether it was stroking my hair and forehead or gently rubbing my shoulders, she sent in this wave of peaceful energy that helped with pain relief before I took any narcotics and brought me to a peaceful place that allowed me sleep.  It wasnt just lugging our crap around while I was in the hospital or sleeping on the cot so she could be sure I was okay or filling my prescriptions so I didnt have to.  We may have joked about her being my nurse, but truly, she was a godsend and I'm so damn fortunate that if I dont cut myself off, I may just go on and on about how wonderful she's been to me these last few days.

Funny story: I have a low resting heart rate because of all the running (45-55 is average).  This freaked out some of my PSAs in the hospital, and I had to be monitored every 3 hours.  (Why?  I have no idea...)  So, every 3 hours, someone would come into the room, check my BP/Temp/HR and then go.  Wee hours of the morning, this happens.  Sarah, mommy that she was to me, is by my side and, as soon as they are gone, rubs my head and I drift to sleep.  Moments later, a phlebotomist comes in.  (Side note, I have NINE sticks for the one IV that worked during my surgery... Crappy Veins to the 10th degree here).  Sarah said her first thought was "I JUST GOT HER TO SLEEP! WTF!"  I laughed and told her she now truly has an idea of what it's like to take care of a baby, get them to sleep, and then have the doorbell rang.  We had quite the laugh over that.

So, we'll soon be leaving the Windy City.  Had some deep dish for dinner last night (thanks Giordano's for delivering) and topped it off with cannoli (which kicked serious delicious booty!).  Saw the City from atop the Hancock Building.  Got to spend time with Sarah's sis.  While this wasnt a vacation by any stretch of the imagination, it was a good trip for what it was. 

The staff at UIC were AMAZING.  They were kind and caring; it reminded me of the loving care I received at Lankenau (but without the seven week stay).  Dr. Haney was amazing; the nurses who cared for me were exactly what you want your nurses to be like.  Everyone, from housekeeping to dietary to medical personnel made the hospital stay as nice as it could have been, and for that, I'm appreciative and grateful.

Peter and the kids have had a great time at home too.  While he says it's clear they miss me, he's loved his daddy time and so have they.  They've been fine, and that's a relief.  I miss them and cant wait to see them and wrap my arms around them, but it's nice to know that they have had a good time being home with their papa and that it wasn't a terrible nightmare to get them to bed, etc.

Well, time to log off and get going!


Hillary said...

Hope y'all have a safe trip and a comfortable flight home!


Ms. J said...

Sounds like you should rent Sarah out for those recovering from surgery, ha ha, and you get a referral fee ;o)

I'm so glad you are coming along, and got that deep dish. Mmmmm.