Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2nd Annual Robert's Run

It's hard to believe that when we are running the 2011 Lemon Run in memory of Peter's brother, Robert, that 24 years will have passed since his death from neuroblastoma in 1987.  Childhood cancer's are, thankfully, showing better success rates with advances in treatment and care, but still... So many children die every year and we still refuse to sink any sort of substantial funds into research.  But you can help.  Every dollar raised in memory of Robert this year can make a difference.  Run with us, walk with us, or strike back at neuroblastoma with your pocketbook.  Whatever you choose to do, choose to act so that other families can be spared the pain of losing a child.

1 comment:

St Elsewhere said...

I think Robert is the one in the blue shirt? He was such a cute child.

Peter must miss him so much.

Wishing you the very best for the Lemon Run.