Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Valued Blogger

I normally dont participate in blog award type things, but I was so touched to be chosen by Leah as a blog she appreciates and wanted to participate by sharing 3 blogs that have touched me on my journey.

Shifty Shadow: B's blog was the first I found after Nicholas and Sophia died. I was in a zombie like state when I turned on the computer and typed in "dead baby". I dont know what search string brought up her blog, but I started at the beginning and took it all in. And in those moments, that day, I realized that I would go on. That life would hurt and my heart was irrevocably broken, but that I would find the strength to go on so that my children would continue to live. B shared her daughter, Maya, with her readers, and shared her pain and journey. I discovered that I wasnt alone in this pain and, because of her, I have been able to survive. Our daughter is named in Maya's memory because, without B and her support, I dont know that I would have been able to have the mental courage to continue trying to conceive.

Life Without My Twins: Reba talks so openly and honestly about surviving the loss of her preterm twins that were born too early to survive. I felt a kinship with her the minute I found her blog. She expresses feelings that I have had and continue to have. Currently, after the birth of her daughter, I find similar feelings to having a child/ren post twins who have passed.

Little Bluebirds Fly: LBF is another blog about life after losing boy/girl twins. Like with LWMT, Bluebird gave words to my empty voice.

There are so many other blogs too that have had such an impact on my life. Life Without Ellie. Homesick. Awful But Functioning. My Resurfacing. One Must Continue To Believe (which is no longer active). Honestly, if I'm reading and commenting, it's because I feel drawn to the blog and it has made an impact. But I'd have to say that these have probably had the biggest impact on my growth as an orphaned parent.


Anonymous said...

I am so amazed at how wonderful our blog community is and how just the words of a complete stranger essentially speak to us like no other family member or friend.

Donna said...

Michele - I feel the same way about your blog! You were the one consistent commentor on my blog in the early days when I was in such a horrible dark state of mind. Your comments and positive thoughts have meant so much to me!

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

I never knew the story behind Maya's name - that is so incredibly sweet.

c. said...

Wow. Thanks for the mention, Michele. XO.

Bluebird said...

Oh my. How humbling! Thank you Michele. So sorry I'm just now getting caught up and seeing this :) I'm honored by the mention. The connections of this community are amazing.