Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breast Milk update...

I pumped until 3 months and 1 day. That's when the milk pretty much dried up. I havent pumped since Friday. :( But hey: I got one day over the goal I set when the mastitis hit.


On a happy note, here is my chunky monkey being helpful. Bobby is always dropping his pacifier and I guess Maya decided she'd help him keep it in place.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

You did good and they are with you today because of your breast milk.
That picture is adorable.

k@lakly said...

They are beautiful. I'm sorry the breastfeeding didn't last the way you had hoped. I know it was very important to you.
I hope you can rest now, and let yourself be free of the stress it was causing you and be assured that every single ounce you provided for them made an enormous difference. And they are here, healthy and thriving because of YOU.

Devon said...

you did awesome!

i'm having supply issues but still trying to hold's hard. its our last little bit of "normal."

congrats mama! be proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

You did what you could and that kept your babies healthy while in the hospital. *hugs*

Love the picture!!

Kandi Ann said...

My Grandbaby is always facing up when sleeping, same with all the others kids in my life through the years. It is amazing to me how much these two NEED each other. I am so lucky to get small glimpses into the bond that is twins. WOW. xoxo, Kandi

Catherine W said...

They are too sweet. What a lovely little helping hand from Maya there!

You did brilliantly with the milk, I found it hard to keep pumping with only one baby to look after, let alone two! It is really hard to fit it all in and I'm still saving my moochine for a ceremonial smashing one of these days. When I'm certain I'll never need it again (far too expensive to smash until all possible use has been made of it!) xo

quadmom said...

This picture melts my heart!!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry about the whole nursing thing. :(
And this picture is so beautiful. makes me want twins!