Friday, December 4, 2009


I participated in a WEGO health teleconference/webinar on Thursday night, where the discussion surrounded the types of folate. Normally, I wouldnt use this space as a promotional area, but there were a few things discussed in the teleconference that really surprised me.

The primary discussions were on the differences between how the body absorbs folic acid versus L-methylfolate, and why L-methylfolate may be a better option for most/all pregnant women.

MTHFR is commonly discussed in the forums I'm a part of, and it amazes me that more women arent discussing L-methylfolate, since it can be absorbed in a way that folic acid cannot be. What I also found interesting in the discussion were how homocystine levels were linked with pregnancy issues. To my knowledge, homocystine levels arent routinely checked during pregnancy.

I mention this, primarily, for the readers for whom MTHFR is an issue. Have you discussed taking L-methylfolate to help prevent loss? I'd never heard of this as an option before...


N said...

(Lurker here)

I certainly haven't had that discussion with my doctors, but have been looking at stuff about it on my own. (But then, it's hard enough to get doctors to agree on whether MTHFR actually causes issues or not in pregnancy, but I am utterly convinced that if we hadn't found mine - and then I'd gone on my vitamin/BA and then Lovenox - I wouldn't still be pregnant today.)

Tina Pearce said...

I found out I had a double mutation of MTHFR after the loss of our first baby at 13 weeks. It was a "missed miscarriage." We had a chromosome study done and she was perfect. I went to a maternal fetal specialist who then told me because my homocysteine levels were normal that I did not have to do anything extra. I did take matters into my own hands though and started on 4mg of folic acid, DHA, prenatals, and a baby aspirin. I will be 40 weeks pregnant Dec 9th with a healthy little boy. I am going to look into the L-methylfolate, I have never heard of it. However if it does absorb better it could help women with MTHFR tremendously! To be honest I take all the extra vitamins and baby aspirin as a precaution, but I truly believe I was healed by God from the MTHFR. Thanks for posting this, I will look into it!

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Thank you for this, Michele. I've never heard of it, but I'm going to look into it now.

Peace, my friend.

Jenn said...

I am new to the MTHFR dignosis, but only after my 5th loss. They changed me to Foltex and 3 days after trigger I began my lovonox shots (only two so far). My doctor is very pro active in my 'google' searching. As long as the new 'idea' I get isn't going to hurt me (or the baby), he figures it's my money I'm spending (for the prescriptions), and so if it makes me feel in control he's ok with it. I'm off to google!

The Swann's said...

I have another friend dx with MTHFR who found this a few months back. I googled it and read a lot on it. I was on the Neevo which has 1mg of the L-Methylfolate in it along with other B vitamins.

I have also heard that as long as your homocysteine levels are not elevated {mine was 1 point above the lab's normal range} then you should not worry. I disagree. I have since been on one baby aspirin a day and will probably start up Neevo again soon... I like to only take out/add one thing at a time to check for side effects. :-)

Very interesting though that you are bringing attention to it for others!

Anonymous said...

Hi -
I would encourage mother's to take l-methylfolate if you can afford it. however, there are only 50 people documented with total MTHFR inability to convert folic acid. At 4 mg, it should be fine for most.
If you can afford it, I would take both folic and l-methylfolate; as well as (if your doctor OKs this) folinic acid (r-leucovorin / citrovorum factor).

TLC said...

Hello! I have compound heterozygous MTHFR (C677T and A1298C). I had a normal, healthy 1st pregnancy. I lost my 2nd pregnancy at 5-6 weeks. Then my 3rd (sweet Elijah)was stillborn at 35 weeks. We found out about the MTHFR after Elijah died. Luckily, I got pregnant again and had no real issues with my 4th pregnancy.

I read about l-methylfolate and NEEVO prenatal vitamins and began taking those since they contain l-methylfolate. I also took 2g folic acid in addition to the 400mg in the NEEVO. I also took 81mg aspirin and high doses of fish oil. Who know what worked; no one really understands MTHFR really well. But, I truly believe that l-methylfolate is ideal for most moms!