Monday, February 20, 2017

Stories from the Storm: Call for Submissions

Mothers who have lost children: I am currently working on a nonfiction project called "Stories from the Storm", where mothers (in their own words) will share their stories of miscarriage (including ectopic, missed miscarriage, blighted ovum), losses related to poor prenatal diagnosis, stillbirth, and neonatal loss from live birth at any gestational age through the first year of life. I can't guarantee that every story I receive will be included, but if you are willing to share your journey through loss and life after, I would be honored to consider your submission to this anthology devoted to memorializing your children and helping parents as they navigate their lives after loss. (You are also welcome to share your story anonymously, if you don't want your name used.) 

I have received numerous responses to this request through Mending Heart Bellies and via Facebook, and am grateful for the support for this project. 

Please submit your stories with the submission form.

(I'm looking to begin edits on this anthology in the Fall, so submissions are due by Summer 2017.)

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