Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weird Dream...

Last night, I had the WORST nightmare so far. Zoë was maybe 3. Everything was fine. We were at a carnival and she climbed up a ladder to the top of this building type thing where others were going. I saw her and ran over and started climbing to, but someone kept pushing it back and I was falling. Peter would grab it and steady it before I hit the ground and then this repeated 3 or 4 times. I got to the top and was screaming "Zoë, Zoë" but there was no one there.

We were running all over buildings and through towns (we were in a larger city at this point) and, somewhere in the dream, I realized there were things on top of this building that she'd climbed on, so I went back and looked. They were metal things and there were 4 of them. I realized then that they were signs that this anti-Catholic but Catholic looking sect had kidnapped my baby to crucify/sacrifice her and that 5 was at the point they did it. So we start running towards this old building, where it's a hotel on the bottom and rented by the "Brothers of St. Francis" (the crazy group) on the top.

At this point, I have a gun and so does Peter, I think. We get to the hotel part and they have a male/female elevator system so we go up to the next to last floor in different elevators. We have to take stairs to the top floor and we get out and there are these thin curtains everywhere, blowing in the breeze and I can see there is this man, leaning over my tiny little girl who is tied to a cross, with a hammer about to nail her hands. I rush in through these curtains and this young priest/monk type turns and tries to stop me, but I shoot "Brother Francis" in the head. He drops the stuff away from Zoë, but isn't dead and starts telling me how they can stop us and stuff like that. There's a room of them, mostly lay people.

Peter takes down the younger monk guy and by this time the cops are there. But then I realize that the cross is gone and I can't find Zoë. I look and look as cops are going all over the place and then, behind this curtain, I find her. But she has this plaster mask on now and I can't feel her arms, so I think they've been cut off. And in the mask, only one of her eyes (blue) is visible, the other is a glass eye so I think they've cut her other eye out and I'm crying because I cant get her out of the plaster.

Finally, she's out and the dreams fast forwards to a few weeks later and I'm holding this curly haired little girl in my arms, and she's fine. But she wants to go back to the "strange church" and, for whatever reason, we are taking her. We get there and the top floor is still police taped off, but there are these curtains blowing and I swear someone is there. She's holding me around the neck tightly and suddenly I wake up.

I was in a cold sweat and just had this horrible panic in my chest. It was terrible! Pregnancy gives me crazy dreams- I had some doozies with Nicholas and Sophia as well- but most of them are almost pornographic (I'm sorry, Daniel Craig!). With this one, they've been absolutely terrifying at times. Very strange...

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S said...

Wow that was crazy! Pregnancy dreams can be very intense. Have you had any water one's yet? ugh... I'll e-mail you privately my thoughts on this one. When we get together I'll share my dreams I kept with Ruby (if you want..) freaky!