Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sneak Peak: Maternity Pictures

Last Wednesday, I met up with my friend and owner of ECP, Erica, for Lucas's maternity shots.  Since opening her photography business, Erica has done Michael's maternity and newborn shots, as well as our family photographs.  She's really gifted.  It helps that the kids know her, so she's able to truly capture them and keep them comfortable, but she just has a great eye.  I love looking at her work, and looking at her art on our walls, I'm always touched by how perfect she catches our family on film. 

Lucas's maternity shots will be no different if her sneak peak is any indication.  Just because of my schedule and hers (and my laziness, too), I am several weeks off the "target" maternity shoot.  I was 37w2d when I met her in her North Wales studio for the initial shots before we went to a local preserve for some outdoor, sunset pictures.  Yet, she made me feel comfortable and, even waddling around with I-don't-even-want-to-think-about-how-many-extra-pounds I'm carrying, she made me feel pretty and in my own skin. 

Last night, she posted this first of my maternity shots, and I'm super excited to see the rest in the weeks to come. 
Courtesy of Erica Colvin Photography

(Oh, and only 8 more days til 39 weeks!  3 more until October!  Woo Hoo!)

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