Saturday, September 26, 2015

Single Digits!!!

9 more days to go!!!!

I'm still super psyched to be pregnant: 37w5d today!  I'm pregnant a week longer than with Michael and 10 weeks longer than with Bobby & Maya. 

That being said, we had some excitement on Monday at 37w.  I've been feeling more contractions and definitely more pressure.  I bent down to pick up something that was on the floor and I felt a pop, followed by some intense pain in my lower belly/side/hip.  By 3:30, I called Peter at work and he came home early because I couldn't really get up after the kids.  As night rolled around, we were debating going in to the hospital.  I called the on-call doctor and he suggested, even though my contractions were irregular, that I go into L&D to get checked on the monitor.  We got there around 9:30 and ended up leaving around midnight.  Lucas responded well to the contractions, which stayed around 4 an hour, and the resident felt that all the pressure was from Lucas dropping so low in my pelvis.

Monday, it went from my belly being up near my breastbone, to me having about a hand in-between my breast and belly.  Now?  I have about 2 and a half "hands" between my breasts and belly!  This kid is settling in low!  Several vendors at this morning's Farmer's Market commented on it, as did the cashier at the local supermarket this afternoon.

I'm having more pain at night (probably in response to being active and doing stuff during the day) and then I tend to be up every hour until 2am or so (to go to the bathroom), then get 2-3 hour stretches of sleep.  Peter's been trying to let me stay in bed until 8am or so (I was in bed until 9am today), to try and catch up on some solid sleep. 

This is his last full week at work until he takes some of his paternity leave.  I have an appointment with Dr. B. on Monday morning at 38 weeks- my LAST OB APPOINTMENT OF THIS PREGNANCY!!!!  Oh my goodness, we are there!  That is another goal completely checked off!  Once we hit October 1st, that is my next to last goal; and then, making it to October 5th.  I really can't believe we are so close to meeting Lucas.  It's amazing to be here. 

Outstanding Goals:
___38 weeks  (33 hours)
___Last OB appointment   (43 hours/2 days)
___Making it until October (4 days)
___Making it until 39 weeks (Oct. 5) (9 days)

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