Monday, September 7, 2015


Can you believe it???? 35 weeks!  We are in the home stretch!  Only 4 more weeks- 28 days until we are due to meet Lucas!!!

In a week, I have my next-to-last OB appointment.  It seems so nuts to think that Michael was born in about 2 weeks from now... EEK! CRAZY! 

We are all squared away.  Thanks to wonderful friends who have shared what they no longer needed and folks who were willing to sell used items in good shape for low amounts, we are really done with all our 'must haves'.  We were lucky enough to get the Chicco KeyFit carseat and snapable stroller, I finally picked out a diaper bag "backpack", my hospital bag is packed with some nifty "new" nursing PJs, the crib is up and ready, clothes are washed and folded, diapers are actually on the way (I use Subscribe and Save from Amazon, and Lucas is already in the pile!), the co-sleeper is just waiting to be attached to the bed.  My new mae tai (which is gorgeous) is folded and ready to go!  Peter's mom has made some little blankets, including an adorable carseat blanket, for Lucas, and we are just waiting for the little man to make his appearance in 4 weeks.

I'm tired.  Definitely more tired than with Michael at this stage (when I was running a race, LOL!), but I think a large part of the uncomfortability and tiredness comes from not being as active.  I'm weeks off from running or doing yoga, just because of how low Lucas settled and how painful it was to work out.  That has definitely played a role in how I'm feeling, I think.  I'm in that spot where I'm both counting down to not be pregnant, but also in that place where I know I wont be pregnant forever and I already miss the idea of Lucas being "out".

I'm getting a migraine every week or two, which sucks.  Bobby and Maya had pretty much gotten rid of those; I had a few that came and went when I was pregnant with Michael.  But Lucas has really brought them back regularly.  I am hopeful they will go away once I deliver.  Contractions, too, are becoming a part of daily life, as is sciatica :(  But this kid is a mover and shaker- cannot complain about that one!

Here's the belly at 35 weeks.  He's dropping lower, that is for sure!
35 weeks:  L-28 days til October 5th!

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