Friday, July 31, 2015

The Little Things

Sometimes, it's the little things that really touch your heart and make you realize how good things are.

Lucas's Christening is set for St. Andrew's Day.  Since his middle name is Andrew, this is quite exciting for us.  There's still a lot of planning, but he's on the calendar.  With a little over 9 weeks until his birth, thinking of this really cements that he's going to be born soon.  It's both amazing and daunting.

I had to buy some new skivvies last week.  (I know, what a thing to share... there is a point- I swear).  Doing so earned me some Kohl's Cash or, as I like to think of it, another reason for me to spend money at Kohl's.  Bobby's shoes were getting tight (he was wearing a 1.5) and I needed to get him a pair of 2s, so I'd decided I'd spend my booty on new kid shoes.  I took Michael with me and low and behold found a pair of shoes on sale that left me with extra.  Well, Maya has been begging for a while for an Elsa (from Frozen) nightgown but at $30 for a nightgown... well, that's not happening.  Tonight, they were on sale for 50% off.  I don't like $15 for a nightgown either, but...  I figured why not.  I had the "free money" for it.  Of course, I have more than 2 kids.  And Michael, Olaf fanatic that he is, wasn't going to go for not having the pair of Olaf PJs he saw.  Luckily, his was a 2 for 1 price set so he got two Olaf PJ sets for the same cost as Maya's one gown.  But he was thrilled and that smile.... Man, I'm a sucker.

We were leaving the toddler area (which means passing through the baby area) and he starts saying "Lucas!  Lucas!"  and pointing.  I stop and he is pointing at a cute 3 piece (pants, short sleeved onesie, long sleeved onesie) that is on the clearance rack, in a 3 month size.  Of course, I can't leave without it.  So, long story short, all 4 kids got something new. 

I saw Michael's thrilled face in the store, but when I got home, the smile on Maya's face was to die for as she begged me to let her wear the Elsa nightgown before it was washed.  (No go... Sorry, kiddo.) 

Bobby though...  I give him his new sneakers, red and black, something I know he'll like, and he throws them in the air.  I assume that, because he was interrupted, he's just having a hard time processing, but then he comes into the kitchen as I'm picking up shoes and he takes them, saying "sad face".  I asked why, and asked if he was sad that he didn't have socks on to try on his shoes.  He says "yes" and runs to grab socks.  Low and behold, once he had socks on, he puts on his shoes with such joy and begs to go for a walk.  When I asked him if he liked the shoes, he says "Yes!" and grabs me, giving me a hug and a big kiss on the cheek.

Right now, even though I am so tired I could just crash and not wake up for a while (lie... I'll wake up by midnight to make my hourly from midnight on bathroom runs- thanks Lucas!), my heart is so full.  The night time shopping basically ended up costing me the equivalent of my last yoga class teaching, but seeing their faces and their joy... That was pretty priceless.

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. Yesterday I hit up all the charity shops hoping to find a pair of cheap, plain, innocuous brown or black shoes for Gwen to wear when we're camping in a (usually wet and muddy) castle for 5 days next week -- spiderman shoes don't go with medieval outfits! But at one of them I found a pair of pink sparkly jelly sandals in just her size, for 1.50. I remember lusting after jelly sandals when I was a kid. I bought them. She LOVES them.