Monday, July 27, 2015

Lucas - 29 weeks

So, today marks the last of the double digit countdown weeks.  T-10 weeks until Lucas's scheduled arrival!  My OB and I agreed on visits every 4 weeks unless a reason precipitated otherwise, so I see him again at 32 weeks, then 36 weeks.  An early platelet test has already shown that my platelets are low, so while I'm supplementing with papaya extract in the meantime, at 36 weeks, we'll do another blood test and, assuming they are low, I'll get steroids at 37 weeks.  If that hasn't upped them by 38 weeks, I'll have an IGG infusion.  Here's to hoping the papaya keeps me above 100!  (I'm around 122 right now, which was what I delivered Michael with.)  Otherwise, things are very typical with this pregnancy and no issues.  At 32 weeks, Dr. B. will do a growth scan on the bambino to guestimate his size, but the quick and dirty measurements show a baby that is on par for dates and a nice, long cervix.

I had my 28 week appointment, and all was well.  Lucas is already like his siblings and giving me a hard time, since he refused to cooperate for his ultrasound picture. :) 
28 weeks

You can see the top of his head to the far left and my bladder to the far right.  The great thing about this picture is that it shows a nice, long, and very closed cervix, measuring over 4.5.  Thank God for Dr. H and the TAC.  Although this pregnancy has me slowing down (I am just too tired to run over a mile or two and Wednesday night will be my last instruction of my Cardio Yoga until post-baby (which I'm leaving a month early... was due to teach through August)), I'm still able to keep up with the three kiddos and have a very normal, active pregnancy.  I'm grateful.  I honestly never thought I'd have Michael's pregnancy experience... having a second one that is also stress free and relatively easy is more than a dream.

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