Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pregnancy Journaling, Baby Books, and Unshowers

I've kept journals for each baby, but this time (as with blogging), life has just been too busy for me to actually keep up with anything.  Between three kids, homeschooling, housework, my volunteer life, and trying to teach and run.... Things are insanity.

So, I picked up the From Pea to Pod Pregnancy Journal from a local bookstore and, I have to say, I really like it!  I feel bad that poor Lucas doesn't have a long winded "wow- we're on this pregnancy journey" book like all the other kids, but I look forward to writing in this one and putting the info in it.  Each week has a page and every four weeks is a slot for a picture.  There are prompts for the weeks, so it pulls in some cutsy pregnancy info, and since I'm seeing Dr. B. every four weeks, it's perfect to keep up with my ultrasound pictures.

Maya is fascinated with how Lucas is growing, so in addition to stalking my phone for the pregnancy week-by-week, she loves this little book so that she can see about how big he is each week (and I think she likes feeling like she's reading "Mommy's diary").

I used a day-by-day journal with the other kids that I liked a lot too (although I cant presently remember the name of it... I'll have to go look!), but I might order another of these "just in case" we have another little one in the future.  Although, I suppose with the ease of Amazon, I could just save it on a wish list and have access to it later.

There's also a From Pea to Pumpkin: A Baby Journal.... I'm debating picking it up. 

We keep calling Lucas our "pumpkin" because he's due in October, so it fits. I already have one baby book, Peter Rabbit Baby Book, but had I seen the FPtP, I probably would have grabbed it instead. They are, in fairness, different.  FPtP seems to go through the first year, whereas the other one is sort of a planning for baby up to homecoming and not much more. 

I don't know.  Am I really going to have the time (and energy??) to actually fill it out?  I barely feel like I have the time to do the stuff I have to do now!  But, I'm thinking of it.

Other things in the "thinking about it" pile...  An "unshower" for Lucas.  We had a blast at a local pub, when we celebrated Michael with a blessingway,  I didn't want a baby shower for a variety of reasons, but I did want a special celebration for Michael and a time to hang out with my girlfriends and family.  I'd like to do something similar this time, perhaps at our local microbrewery.  And, for Miss Maya, definitely with a Halloween theme! :)  She was too young to come to Michael's but mini-me would be super psyched to be included this time around.  In lieu of gifts, we have a well where folks can put baby supplies for our local food bank or the local pregnancy crisis center, and it is really just an excuse for us to all get together, grab a beer, and enjoy hanging out. 

We're pretty well squared away as far as baby prep goes.  Still haven't bought an infant car seat or picked up another Diono for when he grows out of that.  But clothes are good, other baby items are done...  I guess the joy of still having a quasi-little one means that my basement still had a lot of baby stuff in it!  I had given away infant clothes, so I picked up some of those, but otherwise, there's been very little to do for "prep".  We decided to put the crib in our room for now, since Lucas will be cosleeping for the first part of his life anyway,  and there is a changing table and my rocking chair with it.  (Our bedroom is massive, so the additional furniture actually makes the room look complete.  It's kind of funny.)  Right now, the other three room together, so the old nursery has a daybed that Maya will move into one day (since that room will eventually be hers.)  It will serve as a room for Peter's mom (or mine) in the event folks need to stay with the kids while we are away.  I'm sure the winter/spring will have us moving stuff around, but for now, this is all working out well.

This post was all over the place!  I really am going to try and start blogging regularly again- I promise!!

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