Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9 Weeks

9w old

It's hard to believe, even now, that 9 weeks ago this time, I was checking into the hospital...less than 3 hours from meeting our little miracle. He is still just as sweet as he was then. :-)

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carseat tech said...

Your son is so handsome but PLEASE please! Remove the aftermarket strap covers and head support they are so unsafe. Especially since it pushes his chest clip down to an unsafe level.
Please make sure the Straps are below his shoulders and the straps are tight. Abd his chest clip is at nipple level. In an accident he WILL go flying out of his seat if he continues to be buckled in like that. Please find a safe kids car seat check for him and his siblings. They too should still be in a harnessed seat.

Do you know the expiration date on that seat? Gracos last about six years.