Thursday, October 18, 2012


Or, in real words, the Maya-Mama Dinner Date and the Bobby-Mama Dinner Date.

A few days ago, Maya asked me when she and I could go out for girl time. We're always talking about having one-on-one time with the kids, but other than the one hour a week that she and I hang together while Peter takes Bobby to speech, we haven't really had a big to-do.  So, I asked her if she wanted to get all fancy and go out to dinner.  Her eyes became the size of dinner plates and she nodded. For the last few days, all she's talked about is getting dressed up in a church dress and going out to dinner with Mama.  It's been cute. And a little harrassing as she's begged for a date and time.

So, we set the date and, on Monday, the peanut and I got dressed up pink and headed out to our favorite Italian restaraunt.  And what a success it was!

From the moment we walked in, Maya was 'on'. The oohs and ahhs and, "Oh, she's so pretty" or "Look at her gorgeous hair" just had her grinning from ear to ear.  (That child knows how to win over a crowd... I'm a bit nervous about the teenage years).

The waiters are perfect anyway, but they treated Maya like the princess she believes she is. They fawned over her- bringing her delicate little plates and forks and turning the world on its head for her.  Some freshly grated cheese for the homemade bruschetta?  Sure thing...  A smaller fork to enjoy your meal on a smaller plate? Of course... Is everything to your liking? Yes, oh yes.  After sitting us near the window so Maya could watch the trains (which she LOVED), they brought her thing after thing, constantly checking in with her to see if she was having a nice time (Oh, she was- no doubt). After noshing on fresh (and warm) bread & olive oil, bruschetta, and Greek salad, she tore into her spagetti (they even tossed in some meatballs for her), then finished it all off with flourless chocolate cake with milk.  (And, not to mention, two visits to the potty.)  When all was said and done, she hugged the head waiter (he's my favorite too!) and didnt stop talking about all the fun she had.

Flourless chocolate cake? Don't mind if I do...

Why yes, I am the princess, thankyouverymuch!

Maya and Mommy's first dinner date

It was a great time.  I look forward to many more of these... and to the ones with her brother! 

Tuesday, Peter and I switched it up and he took Maya out and I took Bobby out.  We went to our favorite gourmet pizzaria.  I called ahead and ordered, which was great.  When we got there, we had a perfect table for 2 and they already had his fruit bowl waiting.  He liked checking out the place while we chatted (well, I talked and he listened), then they brought our food.  I love this place because they have awesome pizzas and LOTS of choices.  I had a BBQ chicken with mozzarella on whole wheat and Bobby had a GF crust with meatballs, garlic, and sauce.  They were yummy!  We ate them and had a lot of fun. 

You had me at "fruit bowl"

Are both those pizzas for me? Drop them right here cutie pie!

Mommy or my lemonade?  I'll take the lemonade please...

Afterwards, we went to our local Starbucks, and split a Green Tea soy frappacino (or as the kids call them "coffee milkshakes").  We watched traffic and snuggled.  He has the most adorable smile and several girls kept smiling back at him.  One day, he's going to turn those big brown eyes on a girl not his mom and I'm going to cry!!

Peter's two dinners went well also, but he didnt get any snapshots with his phone.  He took Bobby to the mall on Monday night, where they played on some of the kid toys and hung out in the food court, then he took Maya to another of our favorite places the next town over, where she (once again) got to turn on her charm to the waitstaff.

I'd love to make it a monthly tradition that we one-on-one with the kids.  It's a nice, special time for them...and for us!


trennia said...

Love this!

St Elsewhere said...

How's a good thing. I should remember to do this when Figlia gets older.

quadmom said...

So awesome!! I can't wait to do one-on-one dates! Maya's expression is priceless, too!

Brigid said...

What a great idea! Remember how much fun it was to do "grown-up" things when you were little? They are too stinkin' cute!