Friday, October 19, 2012

Even Without Ruby Slippers...

...I love our Dr. Dorothy.  The woman rocks.  She's one of the two docs at the practice we take the kids to and while I've always liked her, she attained rockstar status this morning.

As I mentioned earlier, we'd talked to her about some testing we'd like done on Bobby.  She agreed to look into it then chat with us.  She talked with Peter, since I had the in person meeting and he wanted to talk to her as well.  Long story short, she felt that the testing wouldn't do much for us and, therefore, didn't feel right ordering it.  If we really wanted it, she recommended a practice that would do it, but in her opinion, she felt that we could just proceed as though the tests were positive and go from there, since testing wasnt a sure fire way to get the info anyway.  Peter thanked her for taking the time to look up every code I'd given her and for the time to have the talk.  I even called afterwards to leave a thank you message for her.  Little did I know...

She called me today.  I saw her on Monday for the kids check-up.  We talked abit about not having the IEP, blah blah blah and she was pretty upset about it, saying she'd follow up personally with the IU.  Hey!  Awesome!  I'm not one to not want an entire team and having his teacher and doctor on board is just adding to our village.

Well... I'd hate to be on her bad side!  She called me this morning and we chatted briefly about the diagnosting tests and some other stuff (which I'll post later about when I have more time), and then asked if I'd heard from the IU.  I was happy to report that yesterday, our case manager was able to observe him in class (again, another post) and that we have an in-person meeting on Monday.  Turns out, our doc has called and left messages every single day since our meeting on Monday. She was about to call this morning and wanted to follow up with me first. Her last call mentioned having an attorney call because she's concerned that they arent in legal compliance (as it relates to having the IEP finalized/out) and today she said that, had we not heard from them, she was going to suggest contacting our local legistlator. 

Like I said: dont piss off the pediatrician.

The practice is awesome.  They are mainstream, but open minded.  When we said that we werent pro the AAP vaccine schedule, they talked with us about our concerns and have never once tried to force us to do something we weren't okay with.  Conversations are respectful and two sided; if we mention something they arent familiar with, they research and get back to us.  Two awesome ladies who love the kids in their care and support the families who trust them.  When the twins were 3 months old and Maya had her choking scare, Dr. Beth (the other doc in the practice) was on the phone the second I rang the emergency number.  Even if our opinions disagree, the conversation is always respectful and they are more than willing to have second opinions outside the practice. 

So yeah, I think even without the ruby slippers, Dr. D is pretty Oz-worthy!


Hillary said...

God bless doctors like yours! So glad that you have such compassion and understanding guide you through the best courses of actions for your kids!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Ms. J said...

I love when "persuasion" breeds action :)

Amelia said...

What a wonderful addition to Bobby's village!

Elena said...

I love your blog and your courage to go on...I'll come again!