Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary

For those who may not be Catholic or Orthodox, today is the Feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God.  In layman's terms, Happy Birthday, Virgin Mary (or, if you are in our house, Mama Mary).  It's fitting that since we asked for her intercession for Bobby and Maya so much during their pregnancy that their birthday falls near hers, and that we will every few years, celebrate their birthday on her birthday.  Not to mention the fact that I hold tight to the belief that She is mothering Nicholas, Sophia, and Alexander until I can do it myself. 

This morning, at the Farmer's Market, Bobby and Maya each bought a bright colored zinnia and we went to their new school, where the children laid a flower at the foot of the new statue (the school just renamed to Mater Dei, since 2 other parish schools merged into our parish school).  We were at the prayer service for the "new" school and the blessing of this new statue on Thursday, and the kids loved her.  Instead of putting their flowers at the statue in our main outdoor shrine, they wanted to put it at the school.

When we got home, we made birthday cookies.  (With 60 cupcakes in the fridge for their birthday party tonight, I wasnt baking more cake!)  Before lunch, we sang Happy Birthday and Maya informed me that the party this afternoon is actually "Mama Mary's birthday party".  Alright then! Make sure to tell that to all your friends!

It's sweet to see how, at such a young age, they have so much love and faith.  Some days, it's a huge example to me.  Who am I kidding.  Every day, they are a huge example to me.

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Cromdubh said...

Many happy returns.
your message popped up on my new newsreader.
I hope your reference to cup cakes doesn't bring out the weirdos!
My recently acquired terrier is looking at me strangely. it's just begun to rain after a spell of Indian Summer and I'm not sure if he means "Your'e not taking me out in that, are you?" or "We are not cancelling our walk in the wood just because of a spot of rain?"
I'm having a second childhood with him. Just as well I've got a 12 yr old Toyota, grubby paws .
Bes7 wishes to all,
Tom. Ireland.