Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God Speaks

God talked to me today.

I know... You're having images of me wearing a hat made out of foil, perhaps muttering into candlelight... Okay, maybe not.  But, seriously?

God talked to me.

Today wasnt going well around lunch time.  I'm feeling tired and under the weather and was just tired of telling Bobby over and over AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!!!!!!!! again to stop climbing up to the TV.  Then, he tops it off by tossing his lunch plate on the floor.  I lost it.  I'm not pro-spanking but I did... I spanked his bottom.  Two smacks, closed palm (so you dont think I'm a monster mother), and all it did was snap him into the moment.  He looked at me in shock and then sat on the floor and whined while I made him (modeled for him and held his hand) clean up the mess.  THen he hugged me and said he was sorry. 

When Maya was finished, it was time for nap and when I arrived to their bedroom, the bed that I had just turned down and prepped for him was destroyed.  COMPLETELY DESTROYED.  I was livid but it's prenap.  I know he's tired; I'm tired; and, at this point, all I want is to get the kids squared away in bed so that I can lay down on the couch.  I close my eyes, step away from the situation, and mutter in prayer (yes, I sometimes cuss in prayer.  Hey, I'm honest.  I'm sure God prefers that.), "God, I just wanted to be a good parent; why the f*ck does this have to be so damn hard???" Then, crisis averted, I go back and complete the pre-nap ritual.  Before I flip out the light, Maya looks me square in the eye and says "Bobby is one of the special ones.  It's a gift." Then, as though she never said anything to me at all, she goes back to readying her "babies" for nap.

Now, first off, I muttered so low and wasnt near her, so I know that she didnt hear me.  But even if she did, coming up with that? 

No, folks, that, I think was Providence.

Out of the mouth of babes...

(Hungry?  I just started compiling my recipes on another blog, since I didnt want this one to become all about food.  If you're ready for fall like I am, check out this: it's autumn on a plate!)


trennia said...

Maya is a sweetheart<3 and Bobby is too!

Catherine W said...

Aw sweet Maya.

My dear it can be exceedingly hard. Very hard. Especially when you want to be a 'good' mama.

Out of the mouths of babes indeed? You are such a special family, all of you.