Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love, Aunt Sarah

Hi Cuddlebug!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday!!  It hardly seems like 3 years, but then it some ways it seems like forever since you graced us with your presence for a short time.  I've felt your presence so much more this year than in years past.  Feeling you on runs when the street lights flicker on, and knowing you are here when the doorway lights flash on and off.  They are doing that more and more lately, and I know that it's because you don't want to be forgotten.  Don't worry little one, you are not, and never will you be.  :)
I love your encouragement.  There have been several times in the past few months where I have parked myself on the couch, debating on getting something started, and procrastinating in true Aunt Sarah style.  When I finally decide to get up and get going, and commit to getting off the couch, I see the lights flicker in the doorway.  I love this and I know it's your way of saying "Good job, Aunt Sarah!  It's the right choice and I know you can do it, I am proud of you!!"  This was really special when I decided to go out running right before a storm.  I knew that I would get home safely because I could feel you cheering me on.
Thank you for encouraging Bobby and Maya to take chances and be fearless. Thank you for being you.
Much love,
Aunt Sarah

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