Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Good-Bye

Halloween passes into All Saint's Day...  And the wheel turns on another year that Robert has not been with a family who loves him- and misses him- dearly.  24 years...  Almost a quarter century.

We're together this week: Peter, his parents, the kids and I.  Keeping close together (if not close to home).  Focusing on the family.  Remembering for those that can and the rest of us sharing in the memories.  Eating his favorite meal... Thinking of the boy who fought so hard and loved everyone in his life so much.

Thinking of you, Robert, and where you rest until those who love you hold you in their arms again.


St Elsewhere said...

Many hugs.

RIP Robert.

trennia said...

for the entire family...

Ms. J said...

I didn't get a chance to log on to computer yesterday, but I was thinking about your family all day long, and sending prayers.

Now that we are parents, I feel the grief of those who have lost children so acutely. Sick and dying children, and babies who don't make it . . . will never be something I understand or believe "happens for a reason," (and apologies to those who do).

Continuing to hold you all so close in my heart.